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Cultural Influences in Engineering Projects

Book Description

Culture can be a significant contributor to, or hindrance to, a team’s success. Research has clearly established that failing to have a cohesive team culture creates a severe challenge to any team effort. Culture is also something that everyone brings with them to the team. Yet, developing an understanding of what the team culture is, what constitutes a cohesive team culture, and how to modify it such that it enhances the probability of team success is a challenge to team leaders. Cultural team challenges exist within holistic, that is, teams from a single nation, or multinational teams. Cultural Influences in Engineering Projects provides team leaders and interested individuals a cohesive source of information, ideas, and approaches on how to understand, analyze, develop cultural transition plans, and methods which can improve or modify a team’s culture toward success. Cultural Influences in Engineering Projects also includes an extensive literature review reference set which provides the reader a ready source where they can continue to expand their cultural knowledge base and ultimately improve their probability of successfully managing holistic and multinational teams.