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Cultural Transformations

Book Description

A Roadmap for Leadership and Cultural Transformation

Throughout today's rapidly changing business world, top CEOs face two primary challenges: solving the leadership gap and creating a sustainable corporate culture. International leadership coach John Mattone and CEO magazine editor-in-chief Nick Vaidya unlock the keys to leadership development and cultural transformation through intimate interviews with fourteen CEOs from top organizations, including: Deloitte, Graybar, The North Face, HP Financial, Ovations Brands, Virtusa, and Bigcommerce.

Culture was long thought to be merely a 'soft' resource in the corporate equation. However, more and more business leaders are beginning to recognize the necessity of culture when it comes to creating and sustaining long-term growth and change. What is the key to creating a strong business culture? Leadership. The best cultures start with CEOs who set the tone for the rest of the company, guiding others through the often difficult process of corporate transformation.

You'll gain valuable insights, through experiences from the finest business minds, on how to introduce and sustain cultural change in your organization.

  • Learn how successful CEOs came to realize their leadership potential
  • Discover the key attributes that increase a leader's effectiveness
  • Uncover your own leadership strengths and development needs
  • Handle the primary obstacles to cultural transformation
  • Address outdated mindsets and resistance to organizational change

Mattone and Vaidya also draw upon their own extensive coaching and consulting experiences to provide a powerful and proven 6-Step Process for designing and implementing effective cultural transformations. This process enhances the other valuable tools in this comprehensive guide, so you can start building a positive organizational culture right away.

Table of Contents

  1. Praise for Cultural Transformations
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. About the Authors
    1. Career Highlights
    2. Professional Qualifications
    3. What Else about Me?
    4. Nick Vaidya
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. Foreword
  7. Introduction: The Transformation Imperative
    1. Change Is the New Normal
    2. Culture and Leadership: The Keys to Transformation
    3. Conversations with 14 Transformational Leaders
  8. Chapter 1: Understanding Your Culture and Understanding the Culture You Must Create
    1. What Is Culture? Let's Start Here
  9. Chapter 2: The Six Critical Steps to Transforming Your Culture
    1. It All Starts with the CEO: Thinking Different and Thinking Big
    2. The Other End of the Continuum: The Character and Behavior of an Ineffective Leader
  10. Chapter 3: Kathy Mazzarella: Chairman, President, and CEO, Graybar
  11. Chapter 4: Kris Canekeratne: Chairman and CEO of Virtusa
  12. Chapter 5: Eddie Machaalani: Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of the Board, Bigcommerce, Inc
  13. Chapter 6: Harib Al Kitani: CEO, Oman LNG
  14. Chapter 7: Hap Klopp: Founder, The North Face
  15. Chapter 8: Russ Klein: CEO of the American Marketing Association
  16. Chapter 9: Rohit Mehrotra: Founder & CEO, CPSG Partners
  17. Chapter 10: Irv Rothman: CEO of HP Financial Services
  18. Chapter 11: Juan Carlos Archila Cabal: CEO of Claro (Colombia)
  19. Chapter 12: Nabil Al Alawi: CEO, AlMansoori Specialized Engineering, UAE
  20. Chapter 13: Cathy Benko: Vice Chairman and Managing Principal, Deloitte Consulting, LLP
  21. Chapter 14: Deva Bharathi: CEO of Fluid Systems Corporation (Oman)
  22. Chapter 15: NV “Tiger” Tyagarajan: President and CEO, Genpact
  23. Chapter 16: Anthony Wedo: Former CEO of Ovation Brands
  24. Chapter 17: Final Thoughts and Call to Action
    1. Prescription Before Diagnosis Is Malpractice
  25. Appendix A: John Mattone's 20 Laws of Intelligent Leadership
  26. Appendix B: John Mattone's Cultural Transformation Readiness Assessment-40
  27. Index
  28. End User License Agreement