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CultureShock! Bahrain

Book Description

Although Islamic teachings are conservative, the social climate in Bahrain is fairly liberalised. This temperate society has allowed room for business growth and trade. Discover the rich traditions of Bahraini attire and the significance of the ubiquitous mosques in this small desert shaikdom. In CultureShock! Bahrain, gain insights into business etiquette and glean tips on socialising and settling in—all vital to setting up home and working in this rapidly developing Middle Eastern society.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. About the Series
  5. Contents
  6. Foreword
  7. Acknowledgements
  8. Map of Bahrain
  9. Chapter 1: First Impressions
    1. An Arab Exception
  10. Chapter 2: Land and History of Bahrain
    1. The Beginnings
    2. Recent History
    3. The World’s Newest Kingdom
    4. The State of the State of Bahrain
    5. International Tensions
    6. The Lie of the Little islands
    7. The Impact of Religion
  11. Chapter 3: Who Are the Bahrainis?
    1. How the Bahrainis May Be Portrayed
    2. Ethnicity and All That
    3. Love, Marriage and Family Values
    4. Attitudes and Treatment of Bahraini Children
    5. Names and Labels
    6. Bahraini Women
    7. Male Bonding
  12. Chapter 4: Socialising withBahrainis
    1. Visiting the Home of a Bahraini
    2. Going to a Bahraini Wedding
    3. Going to a Bahraini Funeral
    4. Dress Code for Bahrainis
    5. Dress Code for Foreigners
    6. You and the Culture of Bahrain
    7. The Law in Bahrain
  13. Chapter 5: Settling In
    1. Getting There
    2. Visas
    3. Preparing Western Children for Culture Shock
    4. Help for Expats
    5. Surviving the Climate
    6. Where to Live
    7. Pets
    8. Engaging Domestic Staff
    9. Money and Banking
    10. Telecommunications
    11. Shopping
    12. Trading Hours
    13. Transportation
    14. Health
    15. Education
    16. Security in Bahrain
  14. Chapter 6: Food and Entertaining
    1. Types of Cuisine
    2. Local Dishes and Ingredients
    3. Eating Out
    4. Buying Food
    5. Coffee
    6. Traditional Coffee Shops and the Hubble Bubble
  15. Chapter 7: Culture and Travel in Bahrain
    1. The Islands
    2. The Towns
    3. The Countryside
    4. Absorbing the Cultural Experience
    5. Touring Outside Bahrain
  16. Chapter 8: Learning Arabic
    1. Speaking Arabic
    2. Language Schools
  17. Chapter 9: Doing Business in Bahrain
    1. Economic History of Bahrain
    2. Who Does the Real Work?
    3. The Pecking Order
    4. Employment Contracts
    5. Economic Overview
    6. The Bahrainisation Programme
    7. Bahrainis in the Workforce
    8. Religion in the Workplace
    9. Getting a Job
    10. Setting Up a Business
    11. Managing the Workforce
    12. Staying in Favour
    13. Expatriate Women
    14. Who is in Business?
    15. The Way Ahead
  18. Chapter 10: Bahrain at a Glance
  19. Culture Quiz
  20. Do’s and Don’ts
  21. Glossary
  22. Resource Guide
  23. Further Reading
  24. About the Authors
  25. Index