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CultureShock! Berlin

Book Description

CultureShock! Berlin will bring you on an exciting discovery and pave the way for a smooth and enjoyable stay in this ever-changing city. Full of practical information and interesting insights, the book is a valuable road map for expatriates and long-term visitors on how Berliners tick, and how to get on and along in the city, down to how to separate rubbish for recycling, which, in Germany, is something for which you need an instruction manual. Understand the mechanisms of a city that has played such a compelling role on the world's political and historical stage. Appreciate the discipline and punctuality of the Berliners and learn how to get behind their serious exterior and the famous Berliner Schnauze. With its lovely parks, marvellous museums and rich artistic and cultural roots, Berlin will also surprise you with its unique beauty and charm. CultureShock! Berlin is your essential guide to making this city your own

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. About the Series
  5. Contents
  6. Introduction
  7. Acknowledgements
  8. Map of Berlin
  9. Chapter 1 First Impressions
  10. Chapter 2 An Overview
    1. The Geography
    2. The Weather
    3. The History
    4. The Administrative Set-Up
  11. Chapter 3 The Berliners
    1. Who is a Berliner?
    2. What are Berliners Like?
    3. The Teutonic People
    4. The Foreigners
    5. Are Berliners Atheists?
    6. The Demography
    7. Not the Fashion Capital
  12. Chapter 4 Hobnobbing with the Berliners
    1. The General Public
    2. The Neighbours
    3. Family and Friends
    4. Special Occasions
    5. Berlin Vis A Vis the EU
    6. How Berliners View Foreigners
    7. Prostitution
  13. Chapter 5 Settling In
    1. What to Bring
    2. Visas
    3. Registrations and Residence Permits
    4. Accommodation
    5. Shopping
    6. Communications
    7. Banking
    8. Debit and Credit Cards
    9. Postal Services
    10. Knowing the Quality of a Product
    11. Transport
    12. Media
    13. Time
    14. Health Matters
    15. Places of Learning
    16. Beggars, Buskers and the Homeless
  14. Chapter 6 Food
    1. Typical German and Berlin Food
    2. What Berliners Drink
    3. Foreign Infl uences
    4. The Different Meals of the Day
    5. The Different Types of Eateries
    6. Watering Holes
  15. Chapter 7 Enjoying Freizeit in Berlin
    1. Public Holidays
    2. Other Events
    3. Leisure Pursuits
    4. Sports and Fitness
    5. Green Oases
    6. For the Young and Young at Heart
    7. Bird's Eye View of Berlin
  16. Chapter 8 Language
    1. How Easy or Hard?
    2. Where to Learn German
    3. The German Alphabet
    4. Colloquialism and Imported Words
    5. Berlinerisch
    6. Punctuation
    7. Non-verbal Communication
  17. Chapter 9 Business in Berlin
    1. The Economy
    2. Germany
    3. The Job Market
    4. Work Attitude
    5. Time at and off Work
    6. Women at Work
    7. Business Etiquette
    8. Clash of the Classes
    9. Different Types of Organisations
    10. Unions and Works Councils
  18. Chapter 10 Berlin at a Glance
    1. Famous Berliners
    2. Places of Interest
    3. Acronyms and Abbreviations
  19. Culture Quiz
  20. Do's and Don'ts
  21. Glossary
  22. Resource Guide
  23. Further Reading
  24. About the Author
  25. Index