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CultureShock! Borneo

Book Description

CultureShock! Borneo gives you a fun-filled and thorough crash course on how to live and work in this slice of the East. Packed with useful and insightful tips, this book will guide you on how to deal with cultural barriers, relate with the various racial groups and fit into the intricate society. Learn how weddings, births and funerals are observed by the different ethnic groups and how you can participate meaningfully in them. Understand the strong family bonds in most Borneo families and how they affect all areas of life, starting with extremely complicated name system and forms of address. This book also covers practical matters such as finding a suitable home and understanding the work environment. CultureShock! Borneo is the essential guide that will benefit anyone who wants to survive and succeed in the exotic land of Borneo.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Foreword
  5. Map of Borneo
  6. Chapter 1 First Impressions
    1. Welcome to Borneo!
  7. Chapter 2 An Overview
    1. Names
    2. Geography
    3. History
    4. Towns
    5. Religion
  8. Chapter 3 People
    1. Lo, The Cute Native!
    2. Other Inhabitants
    3. The Longhouse
    4. Family Cycle
  9. Chapter 4 Fitting In
    1. Them and Us
    2. Bornean Social Circles
    3. Names/Forms of Address
    4. Come to the House!
    5. How Wild is the Wild Man of Borneo?
    6. Births, Weddings and Deaths
    7. Ghosts and Company
  10. Chapter 5 Settling Down
    1. House-hunting
    2. Servants
    3. God’s Creatures, Great and Small
    4. What to Bring From Home
    5. Phone Book
    6. Driving
    7. Public Transport
    8. Services
    9. Bills
    10. Banks
    11. Mail
    12. Clothes
    13. Health in the Tropics
    14. Education
  11. Chapter 6 Food and Entertaining
    1. Markets
    2. Major Foodstuffs
    3. Who Cooks What?
    4. Eating Out
    5. Eating Out in Style
    6. In More and More Style
    7. You as Host
    8. Mr & Mrs Tan at Home
    9. Drop In Any Time!
    10. Food Restrictions
  12. Chapter 7 Enjoying Your Stay
    1. Translating Needs into Action
    2. To Make a House a Home
    3. Getting Into the Swim
    4. Tangible Memories
    5. The Green Hell of Borneo
    6. “Yes, We Accept Visa!”
    7. Rules for Longhouse Visitors
    8. Cost of Longhouse Visits
  13. Chapter 8 Do You Speak Bahasa?
    1. Advice to the Newcomer: Learn Malay!
    2. Local Dialects
    3. English
    4. The Chinese Have a Word For It
    5. A Taste of Bahasa Melayu
  14. Chapter 9 I Work Here!
    1. The Confidant(e)
    2. The Relay System
    3. Proper Channels of Communication
    4. Hospitality
    5. Language
    6. Once and For All!
    7. Staff
    8. Office Machinery
    9. Business Golf
    10. Do You Feed the Crocodiles?
    11. Tread Softly, Friends
    12. Other Work Matters
    13. Working in the Ulu
  15. Chapter 10 Fast Facts
    1. Famous People
    2. Almost A to Z
    3. Culture Quiz
    4. Do’s and Don’ts
    5. Glossary
    6. Resource Guide
    7. Further Reading
    8. About the Author
    9. Index