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CultureShock! Bulgaria

Book Description

CultureShock! Bulgaria is your companion to this beautiful land that was once part of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires and which was under Soviet influence for close to 50 years. Discover how the people came to terms with the communist past and the changes that have taken place since they joined the European Union in 1997. Learn to read the Cyrillic alphabet as you make your way around the many imposing historic buildings and understand why members of the same family may have seemingly different surnames. Enjoy a selection of delicious dishes, best washed down by a glass or two of boza—a result of the country's agrarian roots, its tradition of honey gathering and abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables. Practical advice on finding a home, arranging for utilities and day-to-day living make CultureShock! Bulgaria your indispensable guide to settling in Bulgaria and enjoying its delights.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. About the Series
  5. Contents
  6. Preface
  7. Acknowledgements
  8. Map of Bulgaria
  9. Chapter 1 First Impressions
    1. My First Impression
  10. Chapter 2 Overview
    1. The Many-Faceted Land
    2. The Weather
    3. The History
    4. Present-Day Politics
  11. Chapter 3 The Bulgarians
    1. Snapshot of The Average Gheorghi And Velislava
    2. The Ethnic Groups and Their Religions
  12. Chapter 4 Fitting In with The Bulgarians
    1. The Family Unit
    2. Basic Social Norms
    3. Festivals and Customs
    4. How They View Foreigners
    5. Comming to Terms with the Communist Past
    6. Bulgarians and Russians
    7. Overseas Bulgarians and Returnees
    8. Prostitution
    9. Alternative Lifestyles
    10. Open or Conservative Society
  13. Chapter 5 Settling In
    1. Visas and Residency Passes
    2. Accommodation
    3. What to Bring from Home
    4. Media
    5. Schools
    6. Domestic Help
    7. Modes of Transport
    8. Shopping
    9. Health Matters
    10. Psychological Health
    11. Telecommunications
    12. Banking
    13. Postal Services and Customs Office
    14. Public Toilets
    15. Disposing of Rubbish
    16. Beggars
    17. Stray Dogs
    18. Noise
  14. Chapter 6 Food & Drink
    1. Food
    2. Bulgarian Libation
    3. Other Bulgarian Drinks
    4. Imported Food Items
    5. The Various Stages of a Meal
    6. Restaurants
    7. Snack Shops and Street Vendors
    8. Dining Etiquette
  15. Chapter 7 Culture and Leisure Pursuits
    1. Culture
    2. Festivals
    3. Leisure Pursuits
    4. Sports
    5. Getting Around
    6. Escaping Abroad
    7. Social Work
  16. Chapter 8 Learning the Language
    1. The Cyrillic Alphabet
    2. The History
    3. Cyrillic as an EU Alphabet
    4. Cyrillic and Modern Technology
    5. Learning Bulgarian
    6. Numbers
    7. Macedonian Language
    8. Non-verbal Communication
  17. Chapter 9 Doing Business and The Economy
    1. Attitudes and Work Culture
    2. Business Etiquette
    3. The Economy
  18. Chapter 10 Fast Facts
    1. Famous People
    2. Places of Interest
    3. Culture Quiz
    4. Do’s and don’ts
    5. Glossary
    6. Resource Guide
    7. Further Reading
    8. About the Author
    9. Index