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CultureShock! Dubai

Book Description

"CultureShock! Dubai is an indispensable guide for anyone planning a stay in the Las Vegas of the Middle East. Within a single generation, Dubai has blossomed from a quiet port city to major business hub with a lion’s share of the global gold trade. The emirate will host the World Expo 2020. Leena Asher draws on her insider knowledge to take visitors through the process of settling in, whether for short or longer stays. From getting an Emirates ID, navigating banking practices and exchanging Islamic greetings to sipping Arabic coffee and camel milk, shopping at the gold, textile and spice souqs and visiting a ski resort in the desert, the book provides complete information on what’s unique about life in Dubai. How do you greet a lady in Dubai? How does one survive the 50 degree celcius desert climate? Did you know that there are gold dispensing ATMs in Dubai? Get the most of out of your stay with this essential and fun-to-read guide! About the Series: CultureShock! is a dynamic, comprehensive series of guides for travellers seeking to understand the countries they are visiting, working in or moving to. Each title explains the country’s customs, traditions and social and business etiquette in a lively, informative style. CultureShock! authors have experienced the joys and pitfalls of cultural adaptation and provide warm and helpful advice to those who seek to intergrate into diverse cultures. "

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. Preface
  6. Dedication
  7. Map of Dubai
  8. Chapter 1: First Impressions
    1. At The Airport
    2. A Global City
    3. Safety in Dubai
    4. Language
    5. Getting Around
    6. Weather
    7. The Emirati Culture
    8. Wardrobes
    9. The Coffee Culture
    10. Knowing Dubai
  9. Chapter 2: Land and History
    1. The Beginning
    2. Leadership
    3. The Government
    4. Geography
    5. Religion
    6. Flora and Fauna
  10. Chapter 3: Emiratis and Expatriates
    1. Population
    2. The Arabic Community
    3. Arabic Homes
    4. The Expatriate Community
  11. Chapter 4: The Melting Pot
    1. Islamic Greetings
    2. The Society
    3. The Grassroots Expat
    4. The Changing Tides of Dubai
    5. The Road Ahead
  12. Chapter 5: Settling In
    1. Before Moving to Dubai
    2. Visas and Permits
    3. Accomodation
    4. Your Family
    5. Pets
    6. Banking and Money Matters
    7. Telecommunications
    8. Costs of Living
    9. Education
    10. Moving Around
    11. Health Care
    12. Registering Births
    13. Getting Married
    14. The Legal System
  13. Chapter 6: The Food of the World Comes Here
    1. Cuisines and Tastes
    2. The Local Cuisine
    3. Being A Guest
    4. Inviting Your Friends Home
  14. Chapter 7: Enjoying Dubai
    1. A Top Tourist Destination
    2. The Party Never Stops
    3. Shopping
    4. Experiencing Ramadan
    5. Festivals
    6. Local Folklore
    7. Exploring Dubai
    8. Activities Around Dubai
    9. Dubai’s Hidden Secrets
    10. Tourist Must-Do’s
    11. Enjoying Dubai with AED 10
    12. The Nuts and Bolts
    13. Living Like A Dubaian
    14. Sports in Dubai
    15. Cinema
    16. Eating Out
    17. What’s New
  15. Chapter 8: The Language
    1. History of Arabic
    2. Arabic Language Entertainment
    3. A Bilingual City
    4. Learning the Local Language
  16. Chapter 9: Working in Dubai
    1. Work Culture
    2. Landing that Dream Job
    3. Recruitment Agencies
    4. Emiratisation
    5. Economy
    6. Starting a Business
    7. Charity and Volunteer Work
  17. Chapter 10: Fast Facts
    1. Famous People
  18. Culture Quiz
  19. Do’s and Don’ts
  20. Glossary
  21. Resource Guide
  22. Further Reading
  23. About the Author
  24. Index