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CultureShock! Hong Kong

Book Description

Despite the modern high-rise buildings, international brand names and many Caucasian faces, Hong Kong still retains much of its Asian character. Learn how fung shui influences the way of life and the importance of the concept of ‘face', which affects interpersonal relationships and business transactions. Packed with practical tips and a comprehensive resource section, CultureShock! Hong Kong is all you will need to survive and succeed in this highly competitive society.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. Foreword
  6. Acknowledgements
  7. Map of Hong Kong
  8. Chapter 1: First Impressions
    1. The Need to Rush
    2. A Place of DiversitY, which is not China
    3. Beautiful Mountains and Water
    4. A Place of Extremes
    5. Architects and Architecture
    6. Crowds
    7. Moving Opulence
    8. Smell
    9. Noise
    10. Conclusion
  9. Chapter 2: Overview of Land and History
    1. Early History of Hong Kong
    2. The Canton System and the Opium War
    3. The Choice of Hong Kong
    4. Hong Kong in the 19th Century
    5. 20th Century Hong Kong
    6. Return of Hong Kong to Chinese Rule
  10. Chapter 3: People
    1. The Hong Kong Identity
    2. The Non-Chinese Population of Hong Kong
    3. The Hong Kong Chinese
    4. The Main Religions of Hong Kong
    5. Other Religions
    6. The Importance of Education
    7. Traditions and Superstitions
    8. Fungshui
    9. Lucky Symbols and Numbers
    10. Getting Ready for Life in Hong Kong
    11. Three Phases of Change
    12. Five Stages of Adjustment
    13. Hong Kong Values and Beliefs
    14. Hierarchical Nature of Personal Relationships
    15. Willingness to Take Risks
    16. A Masculine and Competitive Society
    17. Conclusion
  11. Chapter 4: Fitting Into Society
    1. How do the Chinese See Themselves
    2. The Northern Cousins with Degrees from North America and Europe
    3. Expatriates
    4. The Expat Spouse
    5. The Individual Without A Label
    6. The Working Wife and the Filipina Maid
    7. The Masses of Hong Kong
    8. The ‘Middle Class’
    9. Socialising
    10. Invitations from the Locals
    11. Hong Kong Weddings
    12. Hong Kong Funerals
    13. Alternative Lifestyles
    14. Conslusion
  12. Chapter 5: Settling In
    1. Finding a Place to Live
    2. The Hong Kong Schools
    3. Telecommunications
    4. Publishing and Printing
    5. Radio and Television
    6. Cinema and Video/DVD/VCD
    7. Copyright Laws and Piracy
    8. Transport
    9. Finances
    10. Conclusion
  13. Chapter 6: Food & Entertaining
    1. Eating Out
    2. Haute Cuisine to Fast Food, Western Style
    3. Chinese Restaurants
    4. Eating with Chopsticks
    5. The Etiquette of Restaurant Dining, Family Style
    6. The Etiquette of Being Entertained in a Private Room
    7. The Feast Menu
    8. The Teahouse: a Hong Kong Tradition
    9. The Great Chefs of Hong Kong
    10. Conclusion
  14. Chapter 7: Leisure Activities
    1. Shopping in Hong Kong
    2. Cash, Credit Cards and Discounts
    3. Public Holidays in Hong Kong
    4. Chinese Festivals
    5. Christmas in Hong Kong
    6. Keeping busy in Hong Kong
    7. The Performing Arts in Hong Kong
    8. Gambling
    9. Learning Chinese
    10. Other Hobbies to Pick Up in Hong Kong
    11. Easy Travel to Neighbouring Countries
    12. Macau
    13. Shenzhen
    14. China and other Asian Countries
    15. Disney
    16. Conclusion
  15. Chapter 8: Learning the Language
    1. Languages and Signs
    2. Speaking Cantonese in Hong Kong
    3. Getting Around
    4. Conclusion
  16. Chapter 9: Working in the Country
    1. The Office Hierarchy
    2. The Executive Secretary
    3. The Etiquette of the Name Card
  17. Chapter 10: Fast Facts
    1. Hong Kong at a Glance
    2. Milestones
    3. Hospitals and Healthcare
    4. Acronyms
    5. Famous People
  18. Culture Quiz
  19. Do’s and Don’ts
  20. Glossary
  21. Resource Guide
  22. Further Reading
  23. About the Authors
  24. Index