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CultureShock! London

Book Description

CultureShock! London is the all-essential guide designed to immerse you in the real London. Full of practical information and settling-in tips, this book will help make your stay in this vibrant city as smooth as possible. Find out how to choose the right accommodation, the most effective way to get around the busy roads, and how you can do your banking efficiently in this fast-paced metropolis. Get acquainted with the nooks and crannies of this exciting capital, and discover the quiet parks and local haunts that are hidden from most tourists, and which reveal a different side of London. Discover what makes Londoners tick and how you can break down the famous English reserve and build fulfilling friendships with colleagues and neighbours. Whatever your length of stay, CultureShock! London will equip you with the tools and confidence for a successful and pleasant time in this cosmopolitan place.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. About the Series
  5. Contents
  6. Introduction
  7. Acknowledgements
  8. Map of Great Britain
  9. Map of London
  10. Chapter 1: First Impressions
    1. Speak English!
    2. Mind Your Manners
    3. Form a Queue
    4. Think Left
    5. Keep Your Shirt On (Or Not)
    6. Is This All There Is?
  11. Chapter 2: London in a Nutshell
    1. Where is London?
    2. Where in London?
    3. The Long Shadow of the Past
    4. Geography and Climate
    5. Who Runs London?
    6. The Lay of the Land
  12. Chapter 3: People
    1. Refugees and Asylum Seekers
    2. Economic Migrants
    3. The Unmelting Pot
    4. The View from the Home Office
    5. The View from the Street
    6. London Types: A Field Guide
  13. Chapter 4: Socialising with the Locals
    1. Cultural Norms
    2. A Place for Everyone, Everyone in their Place
    3. The Way They Do the Things They Do
    4. Who Do They Think They Are?
    5. Finding Your Niche
  14. Chapter 5: Settling In
    1. Getting In, Out and Around
    2. The Packing List
    3. Airports and Air Travel
    4. The World via London
    5. Riding the Rails
    6. Coach Travel
    7. Driving in London: A Test of Nerves
    8. The Legal Aspects of Driving, Walking and Cycling in London
    9. Public Transport
    10. A Roof Over Your Head
    11. Agents
    12. Advertising
    13. To Buy or Not To Buy
    14. To Rent or Not To Rent?
    15. Buying: Step by Step
    16. Your Mail and Your Address
    17. Utilities: Electricity, Gas, Phone and Water
    18. Home Insurance
    19. Finding Your Home on the Internet
    20. What To Do With All That Money
    21. You and the Taxman
    22. How to Spend
    23. You and the Nanny State
    24. The Benefits Bandwagon
    25. Getting a National Insurance Card and Number
    26. The National Health System
    27. You and the Council
    28. Studying in London
  15. Chapter 6: Food in Your Belly
    1. The English Have a Name For It
    2. The Meal Plan
    3. Drinks
    4. Food Safety
    5. Where to Buy Food
    6. Eating Out
    7. Eating In
  16. Chapter 7: London at Play
    1. The Media
    2. The Arts
    3. Entertaining
    4. Continuing Education
    5. Sports
    6. The Sporting Life
    7. The Great Outdoors
    8. The London Pub Scene
    9. The World Beyond London
    10. Nightmare London
    11. A Year in London
    12. Calendar of Festivals and Holidays
  17. Chapter 8: Learning the Language
    1. Speak English?
    2. Which English?
    3. Learners’ Toolkit
    4. Beyond Words
    5. Sentence Substitutes
    6. Death by Submodification
  18. Chapter 9: London at Work
    1. The Culture of the Workplace
    2. Starting a Business in London
  19. Chapter 10: London at a Glance
    1. Famous Londoners
    2. Acronyms and Abbreviations
    3. Places of Interest
  20. Culture Quiz
  21. Do’s and Don’ts
  22. Glossary
  23. Resource Guide
  24. Further Reading
  25. About the Author
  26. Index