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CultureShock! Morocco

Book Description

CultureShock! Morocco contains all the essential information to help you settle comfortably in this unique but oftern bewildering country. The book explores, the realities of Morocco and gives important insights into the lives and customs of the Moroccans. Understand their world view and how religion and the concept of fatalism and hshuma (shame) affects everyday actions and activities. Find out how to communicate with the locals and how to conduct your work effectively and painlessly in this foreign land. The book also highlights several wonderful things about Morocco, such as the delicious cous-cous dish, and even guides you on what to do in a hemmam (public bath)! Filled with practical information and written in an easy-to-read style, CultureShock! Morocco will help you to navigate through the Moroccan maze and pave the way for a pleasant and meaningful stay.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. About the Series
  5. Contents
  6. Acknowledgements
  7. Map of Morocco
  8. Chapter 1: First Impressions
    1. Living Abroad: The Dream and the Reality
    2. Where Am I Going From Here?
    3. How Do I Know If I’ve Got Culture Shock?
    4. The Beaten Path and the Road Less Travelled
    5. What Good is this Book?
    6. How to Succeed
  9. Chapter 2: Geography and History
    1. Al-Maghrib Al-Aqsa: An Overview
    2. Where’s Morocco?
    3. The Lay of the Land and its Products
    4. What’s the Weather Like
    5. Moroccan History: A Ride in the Fast Lane
    6. Moroccan Government Today
    7. Demographic Snapshots
  10. Chapter 3: Moroccans
    1. The Moroccan Within
    2. Cultural Smorgasbord
    3. Islam
    4. The Muslim World View
    5. Family Values
    6. Hshuma
    7. The Legacy of Colonialism
    8. From Colony to Kingdom
    9. Tradition and Modernisation
    10. Rich and Poor
    11. City and Country
    12. Public and Private
    13. Men and Women
  11. Chapter 4: Socialising
    1. The Moroccan You Know
    2. Names, Titles and Identities
    3. Ethnic and Tribal Identification
    4. Divisions in Moroccan Society: What You See
    5. Religious Affiliation
    6. Skin Games
    7. Cross-Class Traffic
    8. Personal Relationships and Social Interaction
    9. Where the Guest is King
    10. Dining, Moroccan Style
    11. When You Entertain
    12. Large Gatherings
    13. The Royal Treatment
    14. Funerals
    15. Gift-giving
    16. Punctuality
    17. Queuing
    18. Nudity
    19. Crime
    20. Drugs
    21. Smoking
    22. Green Issues
    23. Pets
  12. Chapter 5: Settling In
    1. Finding a House
    2. Utilities
    3. Telephones and Internet
    4. Filling the Rooms
    5. Shopping and Bargaining
    6. Shopping for Food
    7. Taking Good Measure
    8. Registering with the Police
    9. Emergencies
    10. Health, Health Care and Pharmacies
    11. Parasites Have to Eat Too
    12. Getting Domestic Help
    13. Schools and Education
    14. Moroccan Money, Foreign Money and Your Money
    15. Transportation in Morocco
    16. The PTT
    17. Beggars
    18. Peddlers
    19. Shoeshine Boys (and Men)
  13. Chapter 6: Food and Beverages
    1. Eating in Morocco: What and When
    2. Beverages
    3. Foods to Befriend
    4. Street Food
    5. Restaurants
    6. Ramadan (Ramedan)
  14. Chapter 7: Culture and Travel
    1. Time to Relax
    2. Destinations
    3. Leisure Time in Morocco
    4. The Press, Television and Radio
    5. Moroccan Holidays
    6. Festivals
  15. Chapter 8: Communication
    1. Who Speaks What, Where and to Whom
    2. Arabic: 30 Minutes to Apparent Fluency
    3. Talking with Moroccans
  16. Chapter 9: Doing Business
    1. Work in the Context of Life
    2. Bureaucracy and Corruption
    3. Investement in Morocco
    4. Setting Up a Business in Morocco
    5. The Moroccan Work Force
    6. The Muhajerin
  17. Chapter 10: Fast Facts
    1. Famous People
  18. Culture Quiz
  19. Do’s and Don’ts
  20. Glossary
  21. Resource Guide
  22. Further Reading
  23. About the Author
  24. Index