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CultureShock! Netherlands

Book Description

CultureShock! Netherlands contains all the essential information that will help you settle effortlessly into the land renowned for its tulips. Discover the importance of the country's many windmills, canals, polders and dykes and understand how the amazing feats of hydraulic engineering have shaped the physical landscape. Learn more about the Dutch people, their Calvinist attitude to work and the concepts of overleg and gezelliheid. Benefit from the practical advice on housing, transportation and education as well as the information about the many cultural activities the country has to offer.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. About the Series
  5. Contents
  6. Foreword
  7. Map of the Netherlands
  8. Chapter 1: A Land of Sky and Water
  9. Chapter 2: Overview of Land and History
    1. A Landscape Shaped by Human Hands
    2. Highs and Lows
    3. Regions of the Netherlands
    4. Dunes, Dykes, Polders and Canals
    5. Creating Land from Water
    6. Climate of the Netherlands
    7. A Quick Look at Dutch History
    8. Modern Times
    9. The Decline of Pillarisation
    10. A Multiracial Society
    11. Protecting the Environment
  10. Chapter 3: The Dutch People
    1. How Do The Dutch See Themselves?
    2. A Summing Up
    3. The Cycle of Life in the Netherlands
    4. Non-Working Mothers
    5. More Working Women
    6. Childhood
    7. The Dutch Education System: An Overview
    8. Marriage
    9. Middle Age
    10. Retirement
    11. Old Age, Euthanasia and Death
  11. Chapter 4: Dutch Society
    1. A Gentle Society: The Netherlands Today
    2. The Quality of Life is Very High
    3. Good Marks from Foreign Businessmen and Officials
    4. Social Welfare: The Safety Net
    5. A Healthy Economy
    6. Moderate Trade Unions
    7. The Politics of Accommodation
    8. Military Forces: Small but Effective
    9. Water Control Boards
    10. Foreign Policy: Neutrality, Realism and Idealism
    11. Drugs: Soft and Hard
    12. Keep Track of Your Worldly Goods
    13. Dutch Customs
    14. Rules and Regulations
    15. Cleanliness and Godliness
    16. A Tobacco Culture
    17. Protect the Environment: Sort Your Rubbish
    18. Never Forget a Birthday
    19. How Should Foreigners Behave in the Netherlands?
  12. Chapter 5: Living in the Netherlands
    1. Getting a Good Start
    2. Housing
    3. Domestic Help
    4. Travel: By Air, Land and Water
    5. Documents Needed
    6. Money Matters
    7. Medical Care
    8. Telecommunications
    9. Leisure Activities
    10. Cultural Activities
    11. Entertaining at Home
    12. Religion
    13. Pets
  13. Chapter 6: Food and Entertaining
    1. Traditional Food and Drink
    2. Invitations and Good Manners
  14. Chapter 7: What to See and When to See It
    1. Man-made Attractions
    2. Major Cities of the Randstad
    3. Other Attractive Cities
    4. Feats of Hydraulic Engineering
    5. Life at Opposite Ends of the Social Spectrum
    6. Natural Attractions
    7. Dutch Culture
    8. The Arts
    9. Calendar of Festivals and Holidays
  15. Chapter 8: The Dutch Language
    1. Body Language
  16. Chapter 9: Doing Business in the Netherlands
    1. No Hidden Snags
    2. Learning about Dutch Business Life
    3. The Dutch Workforce
    4. Working in the Netherlands
    5. Taxes
    6. Business Manners
    7. Opening Hours
  17. Chapter 10: The Netherlands at a Glance
    1. Country Statistics
    2. Acronyms
    3. Sixteen Famous Dutch Men and Women
  18. Culture Quiz
  19. Do’s and Don’ts
  20. Glossary
  21. Resource Guide
  22. Further Reading
  23. About the Authors
  24. Index