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CultureShock! New Zealand

Book Description

CultureShock! New Zealand takes reorders to the Land of the Long White Cloud which is home to the Maoris, the Pakehas, the All Blacks and most recently, Middle Earth. Gain insights into why the country ranks as one of the best countries to live and work in. What's more, real experiences and tips on how to avoid the pitfalls when interacting with the locals ensure a smooth transition from immigrant to resident. Find out about the locals, Number-8-wire metality or why you are oftern asked to "give it a go". Learn how to behave at the marae when invited for a hakari by the Maori people and what it means to ask someone over for tea. CultureShock! New Zealand is the ideal companion to help you survice and succeed in the beautiful land.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. About the Series
  5. Contents
  6. Introduction
  7. Acknowledgements
  8. Map of New Zealand
  9. Chapter 1 First Impressions
  10. Chapter 2 Overview of the Land and History
    1. From North Cape to the Bluff
    2. Climate
    3. Environment
    4. The Big Picture
  11. Chapter 3 People
    1. A Land of Plenty
    2. New Zealand versus Australia
    3. Living Upside Down
    4. Maori and Pakeha
    5. City and Country
    6. Young and Old
    7. Religion
    8. Social Security
    9. Welfare
  12. Chapter 4 Fitting In
    1. Public Behaviour
    2. Queuing
    3. Smiling
    4. Greetings
    5. Attire
    6. Occasions and Celebrations
    7. Making Friends
    8. Clubs, Associations and Classes
    9. Pets
    10. The Social Round
    11. Hatched, Matched and Despatched
  13. Chapter 5 Settling In
    1. Special Requirements for Non-New Zealanders
    2. Leaving the Airport and Onwards
    3. What (Not) To bring
    4. Settling In
    5. Furnishing a Home
    6. Homestays
    7. Getting Around
    8. Buying a Car
    9. Shopping
    10. Post Offices
    11. Banking
    12. Telephone Directories
    13. Telecommunications
    14. The System at Your Disposal
    15. Medical Care
    16. Education
  14. Chapter 6 Food and Entertaining
    1. Getting Fed and Watered
    2. The Maori Hangi
    3. Pies and Grub
    4. New Zealand Cooking—How To?
    5. Drinking Water
    6. Alcohol
    7. Table Etiquette
  15. Chapter 7 Enjoying New Zealand
    1. Getting Informed and Entertained
    2. Museums
    3. Nightlife
    4. Being Part of the Entertainment
    5. Recreation and Sport
    6. Hobbies
    7. Tourism
    8. Festivities
    9. Fairs and Festivals
  16. Chapter 8 Learning the Language
    1. Watch Your Language
    2. Kiwi Slang
  17. Chapter 9 The Business Scene
    1. Call Me Bill
    2. The Nerds are Your Friends
    3. Red Tape Can Be Fun
    4. Income Tax
    5. All Work and No Play
  18. Chapter 10 New Zealand at a Glance
    1. Acronyms
    2. Famous People
    3. Places of Interest
  19. Culture Quiz
  20. Do’s and Don’ts
  21. Glossary
  22. Resource Guide
  23. Further Reading
  24. About the Author
  25. Index