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CultureShock! South Africa

Book Description

CultureShock! South Africa takes you to a country that was once torn apart by legalized segregation and censorship but which has since reinvented itself. With its diverse peoples as well as a rich and varied heritage, the country offers an experience like no other. This book is an essential and comprehensive guide to working through South African culture, helping readers understand its tumultuous past so as to make sense of its present and future. In addition, all concerns facing a first-time long-term visitor such as housing, immigration laws, transport and office etiquette are all effectively discussed. CultureShock! South Africa is your companion to navigate what the wonderful land has to offer, settle down and succeed in the country's complex society.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. About the Series
  5. Contents
  6. Preface
  7. Map of South Africa
  8. Chapter 1 First Impressions: Shifting Sands
  9. Chapter 2 The Land and its History
    1. The Look
    2. Where is it?
    3. A World in One Country
    4. Landownership
    5. More Provinces, Bigger Cities
    6. Record of a Long Road Travelled
    7. The Land of Milk and Honey
    8. The Rise of Apartheid
    9. Black Resistance Gains Strength
    10. The Decline of Apartheid
    11. The Fall of Apartheid
    12. The Desparate Battle Against HIV/AIDS
    13. Who’s Who in Politics
    14. What’s in a Name?
    15. Neighbours
  10. Chapter 3 Our People: A Multicoloured Tapestry
    1. Celebrating our Racial Differences
    2. Racism Doesn’t Die Overnight
    3. Cool Dudes of the Townships, Hip Mall Trawlers
    4. Ignorance is Bliss, But it’s Getting Better
    5. That South African-ness
    6. The Fairer Sex—Don’t Even Go There
    7. Gay and Lesbian Rights Up in Lights
  11. Chapter 4 A New Society: Join In, Fit In
    1. Making Friends
    2. The Many Faces of Communications
    3. Names that Divide... If You Must
    4. Aspirations
    5. Attitudes to Sex and Babies
    6. HIV/AIDS: Our Greatest Tragedy and Our Greatest Challenge
    7. Divorce
    8. Tribal Customs
    9. Male Chauvinists—Not a Dying Breed
    10. The Great Rural-Urban Divide
    11. Censorship
    12. Family Planning
    13. Entertaining—South African Style
    14. Lifecycle Milestones
    15. Religion
  12. Chapter 5 Settle in, Make Yourself at Home
    1. How Things Have Changed
    2. Do You Have What it Takes?
    3. Pre-immigration Advice
    4. Housing: The Practical Tips
    5. Work to Rule
    6. Househelp
    7. The School System
    8. The Four-legged Love of Your Life
    9. Staying Connected
    10. Light Up Your Life
    11. Banking
    12. Paying Your Dues
    13. Crime Watch
    14. Getting Around in the Cities and Towns
    15. Getting Around from City to City
    16. Shop Till You Drop
    17. Media Madness
    18. Keep Cool with a Swimming Pool
    19. Be Weather Wise
    20. Dressed for Success
  13. Chapter 6 Culinary Crossroads
    1. Food, Food, Glorious Food
    2. African Dishes
    3. Where to Get that...
    4. Eating Out: Be Bold
    5. Celebrate in Style: Grand Style
    6. What’s There to Drink
    7. Entertaining at Home
  14. Chapter 7 Join in the Fun, Share in the Culture, Take a Trip
    1. Leisure—It’s an Outdoor World
    2. Nightlife
    3. Sport
    4. Some of Our Sporting Heroes
    5. Travelling in South Africa
    6. Survival Sense
    7. WIldlife and Environmental Management
    8. And Try Our Neighbours Fare
    9. The Arts
    10. Annual Arts Festivals—Not to be Missed
    11. Theatre
    12. Fine Art
    13. Craft
    14. Music
    15. Architecture
    16. Art, Culture and Politics—Then and Now
  15. Chapter 8 Learning the Language... All of them
    1. Langauges Aplenty—Colourful and Diverse
    2. African Languages—A Complex Mixture
    3. Literacy: A Long Road to Hoe
    4. Kaleidoscope of Colour
    5. Some Words and Expressions to Help You
    6. When Words Fail You...
  16. Chapter 9 About Business
    1. The Wealth Ethic
    2. Making Your Own Way
    3. Alternative Financing
    4. Gateway to Africa
    5. High Costs of High-Tech
    6. What Fuels Our Economic Engine?
    7. Forms of Business Entities
    8. Business Etiquette and Practice
    9. Outside Government—Role of NGOs
    10. The Power of the Workers
    11. The Old Boys’ Network
    12. Small is Beautiful
  17. Chapter 10 Fast Facts
    1. Where in the World are You Living
    2. National Symbols
    3. Public Holidays
    4. Steps Through History
    5. Recent Leaders
  18. Culture Quiz
  19. Do’s and Don’ts
  20. Glossary
  21. Resource Guide
  22. Further Reading
  23. About the Author
  24. Index