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CultureShock! Sweden

Book Description

CultureShock! Sweden contains all the essential tips and advice you will need to establish your niche in a country that is home to some of the last remaining wildernesses in the world. Discover how the ideas of lagom (just enough) and trygghet (security) contribute to the making of the Swedish character and why a Swede is reserved, quiet and fastidious about punctuality. In addition, find out more about the Swedish art of toasting and why leisure time is valued. Packed full of information for day-to-day living, at home and in the office, this guide will help you to find your unique place in the country of the Dala horse and Gamla Stan. CultureShock! Sweden is the definitive guide that will help you fit into the country and before long, you will be throwing your very own surströmming and crayfish parties.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. About the Series
  5. Contents
  6. Introduction
  7. Acknowledgements
  8. Dedication
  9. Map of Sweden
  10. Chapter 1 First Impressions
  11. Chapter 2 Introducing Sweden
    1. The Regions of Sweden
    2. Climate
    3. Bodies of Water
    4. From Vikings to the Swedish Model
    5. Modern Times
    6. The Political System
    7. Sweden Today
    8. Religion
    9. Love of Nature
    10. Flying the Flag
    11. Environmental Protection
  12. Chapter 3 The Swedish People
    1. Swedish Characteristics
    2. Separation of Age Groups
    3. Important Swedish Concepts
    4. The Class System
    5. The Royal Family
    6. Men and Women
    7. Family Relations
    8. The Sami
    9. The New Swedes
  13. Chapter 4 Socialising with the Locals
    1. Making Friends with the Swedes
    2. Alternative Lifestyles
    3. The Invitation Home
    4. Weddings
  14. Chapter 5 Settling In
    1. Before You Move
    2. Personal Number (Personnummer)
    3. Citizenship
    4. What to Bring With You
    5. Pets
    6. Finding a Place To Live
    7. Household Furnishings
    8. Banks and Money
    9. Health Care
    10. Education
    11. Communication
    12. Getting Around
    13. Consumer Information
    14. Clothing
    15. Crime and the Police
    16. Combating Culture Shock in Sweden
  15. Chapter 6 Swedish Food
    1. Smörgåsbord
    2. Everyday Fare
    3. Fishing, Hunting and Picking
    4. Coffee and Tea
    5. Eating Out
    6. Food Shopping
    7. Alcoholism
    8. Social Drinking
  16. Chapter 7 Sverige är Fantastiskt!
    1. The Outdoors Life
    2. Other Sports
    3. Not Just Sports
    4. Self Improvement and Adult Education
    5. The Arts in Sweden
    6. A Little Travel
    7. A Year in Sweden
  17. Chapter 8 Swinglish or Svengelska?
    1. Do You Speak English?
    2. Learning Swedish
    3. Language Courses
    4. The Swedish Language
    5. Body Language
    6. Swedish Grammar
    7. Learning Difficulties
    8. Useful Phrases
    9. Courtesies
    10. Greetings
    11. Telephone Swedish
    12. Days, Dates, Time and Numbers
    13. Useful Abbreviations
    14. English in Sweden
    15. Accommodating Foreign Languages
    16. Radio and Television
    17. Immigrant Groups
  18. Chapter 9 Business in Sweden
    1. Economy and Industry
    2. Working Conditions
    3. Working Hours and Leisure Time
    4. Swedes and Work
    5. Swedes at Work
    6. Finding Work as an Immigrant
    7. Starting Your Own Business
    8. Volunteer Work
  19. Chapter 10 Sweden at a Glance
    1. Famous People
  20. Culture Quiz
  21. Do’s and Don’ts
  22. Glossary
  23. Resource Guide
  24. Further Reading
  25. About the Author
  26. Index