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CultureShock! Taiwan

Book Description

CultureShock! Taiwan is full of helpful advice on what to expect when you settle into the country and how to enjoy your stay in the country. This book shares insights into understanding Taiwanese traditions and values as well as the lifestyles of the Taiwanese and how to relate to them as friends and in business. Learn more about the main motivations and attitudes that shape the culture of the people and what you should do in order to build more lasting relationships with them. Also included is useful information on finding a home, understanding the language, handling tricky business negotiations and exploring the delicious (and sometimes shocking) Taiwanese cuisine

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. About the Series
  5. Contents
  6. Introduction
  7. Acknowledgements
  8. Note
  9. Dedication
  10. Map of Taiwan
  11. Chapter 1 First Impressions
    1. First Impressions Today
  12. Chapter 2 The History of the First ‘Little Tiger’
    1. Early Settlers
    2. The Chinese
    3. The Europeans Arrive
    4. Japanese Colonialisation
    5. Uncle Sam’s Turn
    6. Taiwan On Its Own
    7. The Weight of Tradition
    8. Confucianism
    9. Buddhism
    10. Taoism
    11. Animism and Other Spirits
  13. Chapter 3 The Taiwanese
    1. Face: Give and You Shall Receive
    2. Ren Qing Wei—The Key to Your Happiness
    3. The Taoist Worldview and its Influence on Taiwanese
    4. Medicine and Health
    5. Martial Arts and Longevity Exercise
    6. Geomancy
  14. Chapter 4 Socialising with Locals
    1. How are Taiwanese Perceived?
    2. How do Taiwanese Perceive Foreigners?
    3. The Invisible Man
    4. Relations with Ang Mos
    5. Low and High Context Communication
    6. Rites of Passage
    7. Relationships
    8. The House Visit
  15. Chapter 5 Settling In
    1. Visas
    2. Resting Your Head
    3. Surviving Your First Impressions
    4. Accommodation
    5. Getting Domestic Help
    6. Banking and Money Matters
    7. Shopping
    8. The Art of Bargaining
    9. Groceries
    10. Clothes
    11. Convenience Stores and Banking
    12. The Three M’s
    13. Transportation
    14. Navigation
    15. Public Facilities and Associations
    16. Staying Healthy and Handling Emergencies
    17. Health
    18. Child Safety
    19. Crime
    20. Forces of Nature
  16. Chapter 6 Cuisine of Ilha Formosa
    1. The Meals of the Day
    2. Regional Styles
    3. The Bizarre, the Macho and the Illegal
    4. Tea Time
    5. Dining Out
    6. Banquets
  17. Chapter 7 Enjoying Taiwan
    1. Entertainment
    2. Festivals and Holidays
    3. Hobbies to Enjoy
    4. The Sights and Must-Sees of the Ilha Formosa
    5. Getting Out of Taiwan
  18. Chapter 8 Language
    1. Mandarin
    2. Taiwanese
    3. What to Learn?
    4. Ways to Learn
    5. The Written Word
    6. Names
  19. Chapter 9 Business—The Meaning of Life
    1. The Economy of Taiwan
    2. Land of the Entrepreneur
    3. All in the Family
    4. An Appointment with a Typical Taiwanese Company
    5. Networking Taiwanese-style
    6. Managing Taiwanese Staff
    7. Business Safeguards
    8. Business Socialising and Entertainment
  20. Chapter 10 Taiwan at a Glance
    1. Famous People
    2. Places of Interest
  21. Culture Quiz
  22. Do’s and Don’ts
  23. Glossary
  24. Resource Guide
  25. Further Reading
  26. About the Authors
  27. Index