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CultureShock! Vancouver

Book Description

CultureShock! Vancouver is your handy and informative guide to discovering this beautiful cosmopolitan city of majestic mountains and vast oceans. The author shares, with much enthusiasm, tips and insights to help you in all aspects of settling in, from understanding home rental ads, opening a bank account and enrolling your child in school, to finding the right activity for you and your family every season of the year. Don't step on toes by mistaking a Canuck for an American or by calling a Senior 'old', and learn how to bond with your fellow 'La-La Land' residents over ice hockey and dim sum in this sports-loving city that celebrates the diversity of its population. Whatever the length or purpose of your stay, CultureShock! Vancouver will equip you with all the information and advice you need.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. About the Series
  5. Contents
  6. Map of Vancouver
  7. Chapter 1 First Impressions
    1. Best Place in the World
    2. Vancouver and Victoria
    3. View from the South
    4. Connections, Connections
    5. Elemental Vancouver
  8. Chapter 2 Close-ups of Vancouver
    1. Lay of the Land
    2. The Warmest Part of Canada
    3. The Rough and Early Days
    4. Economic Engines that Drive the City
    5. The Powers that Be
  9. Chapter 3 The Vancouver Mosaic
    1. Those Who were Here First
    2. Builders of the City
    3. Tensions Within
    4. Vancouver Vignettes
    5. The Native Issue
    6. Probing the Canadian Psyche
  10. Chapter 4 Fitting In
    1. Look Who’s Coming to Dinner
    2. Playing the Host
    3. When the Party is Over
    4. To Smoke or Not to Smoke
    5. The Entertaining Business
    6. The Club Scene
    7. The Rainbow Connection
    8. Passages of Life
  11. Chapter 5 Settling In
    1. A Place to Call Your Own
    2. Your Own Little Patch
    3. The Neighbourhoods
    4. Let There be Light.. Water and Heat
    5. Get Connected from Home
    6. Keeping It Moving
    7. On A Grid
    8. Health and Safety
    9. Beyond the Doctor
    10. Getting Newbies Started
    11. Crime in the City
    12. The Big One
    13. Smartening Up
    14. Forms and Facts
  12. Chapter 6 Fusion Flavours
    1. Burgers and More
    2. Ethnic Adventures
    3. And the List Goes On
    4. Caffeine Culture
    5. Cheers!
    6. To Market, To Market
    7. Choices, Healthy or Otherwise
  13. Chapter 7 Enjoying Vancouver
    1. Fun and (Mostly) Free
    2. Out in All Weathers
    3. Spectator Sports
    4. Ways to Part with Money
    5. Membership has its Privileges
    6. Here’s the Picture
    7. Staging It
    8. In the Know About Where to Go
    9. Cinemascope
    10. Arts and Music Festivals
    11. Calendar of Festivals and Holidays
    12. Year-Round, Non-Stop Fun
  14. Chapter 8 Learning the Language
    1. What is Canadian English?
    2. English as a Second Language
    3. Private Language Schools
  15. Chapter 9 Working in Vancouver
    1. Coming to Grips... with Work
    2. Entering the Job Market
    3. Solidarity
    4. What to Expect at Work
    5. SIN and Other Aconyms at Work
    6. Alternatives to Stuffing Your Pillow
    7. Getting Credit
    8. Be a Volunteer
    9. Starting Small
    10. Coming to Grips... with Bureaucracy
    11. Benefits (The Good News)
    12. Taxes (The Bad News)
  16. Chapter 10 fast Facts About Vancouver
    1. Famous Vancouverites
    2. Acronyms
  17. Culture Quiz
  18. Do’s and don’ts
  19. Glossary
  20. Resource Guide
  21. Further Reading
  22. About the Author
  23. Index