Welcome to Customer Analytics For Dummies. This is a book about using data to make better decisions about — and for — your customers. With this book, you find out valuable ways of quantifying your customers’ journey, before, during, and after a product or service experience. You discover methods and metrics to improve a customer’s experience with a product, service, and brand.

About This Book

You might already be familiar with some form of customer analytics through product development, marketing, sales, and customer services. But the heart of customer analytics is staying focused on the customer, which might be a new concept for you.

In Customer Analytics For Dummies, I discuss the finer points of customer analytics. Customer analytics involves gathering data about your customers at various stages of the buying experience, detecting patterns from that data, predicting actions your customers will take, and then making decisions about how to improve your business to attract more customers and keep the customers you already have.

I also include real-world examples from some of the dozens of organizations I’ve worked with, both big and small, to collect, analyze, and help improve the customer experience. These examples, which include actual data and the methods used, show you what you can accomplish through customer analytics.

You don’t need to read this book cover to cover. You can if that appeals to you, but it’s set up as a useful reference guide to dip into as you ...

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