Chapter 2

Embracing the Science and Art of Metrics

In This Chapter

arrow Quantifying and qualifying data

arrow Identifying types of data

arrow Deciding on the correct sample size

arrow Knowing what to measure

Customer analytics largely involves turning customer actions and attitudes into data. Not all data is the same, and knowing what type of data you’re dealing with guides you through what you can do with it. When you can interpret the data that’s available to you, you can start making better decisions about product features and service experiences.

In this chapter, I help you understand the different types of data, and show you how to work with quantitative and qualitative data. I also cover best practices for identifying the best metrics to manage.

You’ll have to put on your analytical thinking cap (the science of metrics) and your creative thinking cap (the art of metrics). If you aren’t a numbers person and decide to hire someone who is, that’s okay. But this is still a useful chapter because you need to know how to talk to your analytics person. And you still need to know how to interpret the numbers ...

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