Chapter 12

Measuring Customer Loyalty

In This Chapter

arrow Tooling up to measure loyalty

arrow Estimating future growth

arrow Measuring with the Net Promoter Score

arrow Assembling the key drivers of customer loyalty

Do you find yourself buying the same products over and over again? Do you have a preferred airline? The last time you chose a new computer, did you ask a friend for a recommendation?

Consumer decisions are heavily based on prior experience and on the experience of friends and colleagues. A once happy customer is likely to be a customer again and to recommend a specific company to the people around him.

If a friend or family member helps you when in need, you are happy to reciprocate. You may feel a sense of duty, a sense of loyalty to people who have been there for you. The emotions that cement a customer’s relationship with a company are similar. If the computer you purchased four years ago met or exceeded your expectations and customer service was outstanding, you’ll purchase a similar model again. When a friend asks what computer you have, you’re happy to recommend it. When you rent a ...

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