Chapter 14

Gaining Insights through a Usability Study

In This Chapter

arrow Defining tasks

arrow Measuring usability

arrow Finding problems

If you’ve ever struggled to change the time on an alarm clock, couldn’t figure out how to work a remote control, or failed to successfully apply for insurance on a website, you have some idea about how important the ease of use of a product or experience is.

Your product can have all the features a user wants, but if it’s too difficult to use, then the user will move on to another product.

Recognizing the Principles of Usability

If you make your products too difficult to purchase online, or make a form too difficult to fill out, customers will leave or call your customer support line. Both of these are expensive, undesirable outcomes.

Good usability can lead customers to recommend your product; poor usability leads customers to discourage their friends and colleagues from purchasing a product. (See Chapter 12 to find out how important customer loyalty is.)

remember.eps Usability is different than other data collected from market research in that it measures both customer ...

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