Chapter 5

The Anger Games: Dealing with an Angry Customer

In This Chapter

arrow Finding the best tactic for dealing with angry customers

arrow Developing and practicing effective resolution methods

arrow Applying the RESOLVED approach to dealing with angry customers

arrow Knowing what to do when a confrontation escalates

arrow Understanding that the customer is not always right

Ideally, every one of your customers will walk away from your establishment or organization completely satisfied. His every need will have been met and every interaction with members of your staff will have been pleasant.

In reality, that often won’t be the case. Sometimes, despite all your best efforts, things just go wrong. You mix up a customer’s order. You drop a drink on her lap. You misplace his luggage. Her package gets lost in the mail. Whatever the reason, it’s an unfortunate fact that, on occasion, you’ll be faced with a customer who is upset, angry, or even irate.

First, it’s very helpful to recognize that customer complaints ...

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