Chapter 14

Creating Your Customer-Centric Culture

In This Chapter

arrow Setting SMART goals

arrow Seeing the value of an integrated internal customer communications campaign

arrow Getting leaders and employees to buy in

News flash: No matter what your business model, the very existence of your organization depends on your customers and clients. And yet, it seems that countless organizations — indeed, whole industries — fail to recognize this simple fact. Take the airline industry in the United States.

Every time we fly a U.S. carrier, we’re reminded that many of these companies don’t seem to consider the customer experience at all. If they did, they wouldn’t nickel and dime passengers at every opportunity. It’s so bad, we half expect them to put pay boxes in the lavatories! But if you try traveling on almost any international carrier — Thai Airways, Cebu Pacific Air, and Emirates Airlines (among others) come to mind — you’ll quickly notice a difference. These airlines practice a customer-centric business approach. The customer is embedded in their culture … and it shows in the customer experience.

So what does it mean to have a “customer-centric culture”? To answer that, it helps to have some understanding ...

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