Chapter 20

Ten Tools to Track Your Customer Experience Program’s Performance

In This Chapter

arrow Exploring tools to track your progress on each step of your customer engagement program

arrow Looking at a tool to gauge your progress overall

arrow Recognizing the role of your customer experience dashboard — the ultimate tool

This book focuses on eight primary steps to improve customer experience:

  1. Developing and deploying your customer experience intent statement
  2. Building journey maps
  3. Redesigning customer touchpoints
  4. Getting feedback from customers and creating dialogue
  5. Building customer experience knowledge in the workforce
  6. Recognizing and rewarding a job well done
  7. Executing an integrated internal communications plan
  8. Building a customer performance dashboard

This chapter provides tools you can use to gauge your progress on each of these steps, enabling you to see what you’ve done so far and get a handle on what still needs to be accomplished. Feel free to copy these tools and use them in your efforts to improve customer experience in your own organization!

These tools are, in effect, questionnaires. Each one includes a list of tasks; your job is to indicate your status on each one. Rate your status ...

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