Bringing it all together

This is an amazing time to be alive. It really is. Many of our elders remember life before television, while the younger generation has never known a world without instant connection through computer, tablet and phone. You can publish a version of yourself and put out your ideas on a live feed. This is exciting new territory!

At the same time, in our hyper-connected world there is so much to pay attention to. You can easily spend your entire day absorbed in videos on the internet or lost in social media. We are bombarded with every kind of information. Some of it is useful, well worth our paying attention to, while some of it is merely distracting and even a bit soul destroying if we let it be.

My goal in writing this book is to help readers work out what is important to them and to gain greater focus on how to spend their time in order to live more effectively. There is so much to look at and take in that it is vitally important to decide where to focus your attention!

One night recently I sat on a beach and marvelled at the force of the ocean as the waves crashed together. The thundering power of it always makes me reflect on how far that water has travelled before this wave reaches its destination. As I gazed up at a clear sky filled with shimmering starlight, I thought about how these natural forces are almost impossible to wrap your mind around.

It is so easy for us to miss the things in the world that are beautiful and important. It ...

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