Chapter 1

Case Presentation

1.1 Introduction

1.2 It’s Not Whether You Win or Lose

1.3 Investigative Mindset

1.4 Your Audience

1.5 Preparation

1.6 Organizing Case Information

1.7 Value of Visuals

1.7.1 Presentation Media

1.7.2 Slideshows and Animations

1.7.3 Charts and Diagrams

1.8 The Suspect’s Machine

1.9 Analogies

1.10 Avoid Too Much Information

1.11 Your Presentation

1.12 Summary


1.1 Introduction

This chapter will discuss methods of presenting electronic evidence for a variety of audiences. The admissibility, authentication, chain of custody, and other aspects of what is evidence are extremely important to every case; however, this chapter will only minimally discuss the actual evidence and focus more on methods of presenting ...

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