Chapter 1

Case Studies

1.1 Introduction 

1.2 A Day in the Life of a Cybercriminal 

1.2.1 Backdating Documents 

1.2.2 False Names and Disposable E-mail Accounts 

1.2.3 Evidence Leads to More Evidence 

1.2.4 Searching for All the Bad Things 

1.2.5 Scenario—Threatening Blog Posts 

1.2.6 Making the Wrong Kind of Friends Online 

1.2.7 A Break in the Case, Otherwise Known as a Suspect’s Mistake 

1.2.8 Altered Evidence and Spoliation 

1.2.9 Spoofed Call Harassment 

1.2.10 Disgruntled Employee Steals and Deletes Employer’s Data 

1.2.11 Missing Evidence 

1.2.12 Bomb Threats by E-mail 

1.2.13 ID the Suspect 

1.2.14 Online Extortion 

1.2.15 Placing Suspect at a Location 

1.2.16 Placing the Suspect in the Office at a Specific Location 

1.2.17 Stolen Property  ...

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