Appendix 4 ANSSI Security Measures

This appendix presents the measures proposed by the ANSSI guides (ANSSI 2013a; ANSSI 2013b). They are defined according to the class of the system (Chapter 6).

Recommendations are prefixed with an R and directives with a letter D.

A4.1. Organizational measures

A4.1.1. Knowledge of the industrial system

Table A4.1. Recommendations and guidelines for system knowledge

Roles and responsibilities C1 R1 – A cybersecurity chain of responsibility must be put in place. It should cover all systems. R2 – Responsibilities for cybersecurity should be clearly defined for each of the stakeholders regardless of the aspect concerned (development, integration, operation, maintenance, etc.).
C2 D3 – R1 is mandatory. D4 – R2 is mandatory.
C3 D5 – The identity and contact details of the person in charge of the cybersecurity chain of custody must be communicated to the cyber defense authority. D6 – The limits of liability must be reviewed periodically, at least once a year.
Mapping C1 R7 – Build a map:
  • – physical;
  • – logical (flow);
  • – of applications.
C2 D8 – Build a map:
  • – physical;
  • – logical (flow);
  • – related applications;
  • – of the system administration.
  • R9 – Review the mapping at least once a year and with each modification.
C3 D10 – R9 is mandatory.
Risk analysis C1 R11 – Carry out a risk analysis for cybersecurity, however brief.
C2 D12 – Carry out a risk analysis for cybersecurity according to a method chosen by the responsible entity. ...

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