Cypress - Modern Automation Testing from Scratch + Framework

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Cypress, one of the most popular automation tools, is fast, easy, reliable, and can bring stable automation results for all modern web apps. No doubt, Cypress is the future of automation. This video course will help you get started with Cypress using a lot of interesting real-world scenarios.

The course starts with an introduction to Cypress, taking you through its architecture and benefits. Next, you will set up the environment and become familiar with Cypress test runner and command-line features. Moving along, you will understand Cypress commands and explore its asynchronous nature and learn how to handle web controls UI using Cypress.

Next, you will dive deep into advanced concepts of Cypress and get to grips with the process of building a Cypress framework. You will learn how to perform XHR testing and Single Sign-On (SSO) Automation Testing with Cypress. Next, understand Session Token and Local Storage Data Saving with Cypress and CSV Parsers, and look at Cypress DB integration testing strategy. Finally, a section with a complete understanding of JavaScript basics so that you can implement best practices of coding for Cypress tests.

By the end of this video course, you will be able to build fast and reliable automation tests for any web application using Cypress and can develop the Cypress automation framework on your own.

What You Will Learn

  • Explore Cypress project framework structure
  • Become familiar with Cypress commands
  • Handle invisible elements with Cypress by understanding logs
  • Use Cypress to handle web controls UI
  • Handle alerts, popups, and child windows using Cypress and jQuery
  • Learn mocking API calls with Cypress route commands


If you are a software engineer, manual tester, or automation engineer, who is looking to learn Cypress to perform automation testing on web applications, then this course is for you. It’s good to have a basic understanding of any automation tool to get started with this course; however, it is not mandatory. Everything is taken care of in the course including a section explaining JavaScript basics.

About The Author

Rahul Shetty: Rahul Shetty is the founder and trainer at Rahul Shetty Academy. He is a passionate software tester and has 13 years of rich experience in the IT industry. He has completed more than 300 offline training batches. Rahul has extensive knowledge in web automation testing, mobile automation testing, and API automation testing. He has also worked with various CMM-level organizations and managed the setup of QA processes for projects.

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Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Introduction to Cypress and its Advantages in Automation World
    1. What Is Cypress? And Why Is It the Future of Automation?
    2. Course Syllabus Walkthrough
    3. Understand Cypress Architecture and Its Benefits
  2. Chapter 2 : Cypress Installation and Project Setup
    1. Install Node.js, VS Code, and Cypress for Windows and MAC
  3. Chapter 3 : Introduction to Cypress Test Runner and Command-Line Features
    1. What Is Cypress Test Runner?
    2. Important Note on Cypress Versions
    3. Build Cypress Basic Test and Run from Test Runner
    4. Running Cypress Tests in Supported Browsers
    5. Exploring the Cypress Project Framework Structure
  4. Chapter 4 : Getting Started with Cypress Test Automation
    1. Cypress Locator Strategies and How to Construct Them
    2. Cypress Inbuilt Plugin in Test Runner to Generate Locators
    3. Basic Assertion in Writing the Tests with Cypress
    4. Handling Invisible Elements with Cypress by Understanding Logs
  5. Chapter 5 : Deep Diving into Cypress Commands and its Asynchronous Nature
    1. Web Applications to Practice Cypress Automation
    2. Understanding Get and Find Commands with Cypress
    3. Grabbing the Text for Validations Using Cypress Text Command
    4. Cypress Asynchronous Nature and its Promise Handling
    5. Understanding the Difference Between jQuery Methods and Cypress Commands
    6. Handling Async Promises with Cypress
    7. Completing the Practice Test with All Necessary Validations
  6. Chapter 6 : Handling Web Controls UI Using Cypress
    1. How to Verify and Automate Check Boxes with Cypress
    2. Handling Static Dropdowns Using Select Command with Cypress
    3. Handling Dynamic Dropdowns with Each Command Iteration
    4. Handling Visible and Invisible Elements Using Assertions in Cypress
  7. Chapter 7 : Advance Automation to Handling Alerts, Popups, Child Windows Using Cypress-jQuery
    1. How Cypress Auto Handles Alerts in Web Apps
    2. Handling Child Tab with a Combination of Cypress and jQuery Commands
    3. Navigating Browser Controls Using Cypress
    4. Handling Web Tables with Cypress Using Each Command
    5. Handling Mouse Hover Popups Using Cypress
  8. Chapter 8 : Understand How to Automate Frames and Child Windows in Cypress
    1. Handling Child Windows Using Cypress
    2. Handling Frames with Cypress Using Real-Time Example
  9. Chapter 9 : Cypress Framework Part 1 - Understanding Fixtures and Custom Commands
    1. Agenda of Framework Topics and Starting with Test Building
    2. Understand How Fixtures Work in Driving Data
    3. Validating Attribute Properties and their Behavior with Cypress Assertions
    4. Building Customized Cypress Commands to Reuse the Code
  10. Chapter 10 : Cypress Framework Part 2 - Page Object Design and Test Parameterization
    1. Parameterizing the Test Data from JSON Files Using Each Command
    2. Test Debugging and Pause with Cypress
    3. Implementing Page Object Design Pattern into Cypress
    4. Modifying Existing Tests into Page Object Pattern as Per Cypress Standards
  11. Chapter 11 : Cypress Framework Part 3 - Configuration Properties and Environmental Variables
    1. Important Information for Cypress V10 before Proceeding to the Next Videos
    2. Implementing Global Configuration Changes to Cypress Framework
    3. Completing End-to-End Test Execution of the Business Flow
    4. Implementing the Sum of Products Functionality with Cypress-JavaScript
    5. Practice Exercise Continuation on Product Sum Values with JavaScript Methods
    6. Importance of Environmental Variables in Cypress Framework
    7. Setting Env Variables through Command-Line Arguments
  12. Chapter 12 : Cypress Framework Part 4 - Dashboard Feature with Video Recording and Screenshots
    1. Exploring Cypress Dashboard and its Feature for Framework Development
    2. Monitoring Test Execution Videos and Screenshots through Cypress Dashboard
    3. Generating Mocha Awesome Reports for Cypress Execution
  13. Chapter 13 : Cypress Framework Part 5 – Building npm Scripts and Integration to Jenkins
    1. Understanding Scripting Commands in the Package.json File for CI Integration
    2. Running Multiple Specs File on the Fly from Cypress Scripting Commands
    3. Introduction to Jenkins
    4. Integrating Cypress Framework into Jenkins CI Tool
  14. Chapter 14 : Cypress BDD Cucumber Framework Integration to Mocha
    1. What Is BDD and Cucumber and Their Benefits
    2. Install Cucumber Cypress Preprocessor Plugin and Set it in the Index.js File
    3. Converting Cypress Mocha Tests to Feature Files with Gherkin Syntax
    4. Implementing Step Definition Files for Features Built with Real Cypress Code
    5. End to End Automation Test Execution Using Cypress-Cucumber Standards
    6. Data-Driven Testing Using Cucumber Data Table Feature for Cypress Tests
    7. Tagging Implementation to Control Test Execution for Cucumber Scenarios
    8. Building Cucumber HTML Reports for the Cypress Cucumber Test Scenarios
  15. Chapter 15 : Mocking HTTP Requests/Responses with Cypress (XHR Testing)
    1. Introduction to Cypress Intercept to Manage HTTP Requests
    2. Mock HTTP Responses to Generate Stub Data to Test Edge Scenarios
    3. Integration Testing with Front-End and Back-End Response Validation Assertions
    4. Intercepting HTTP Request Details to Test Security Scenarios
    5. Handling API Call Directly without Involving Browser with Cypress
  16. Chapter 16 : Single Sign-On (SSO) Automation Testing with Cypress
    1. What Is Single Sign-On? And Its Architecture Details
    2. SSO Demo Project Overview and Plan of Testing It with Cypress
    3. Building SSO Login Automation Test with Cypress on Demo App
  17. Chapter 17 : Session Token and Local Storage Data Saving with Cypress and CSV Parsers
    1. Understand How JWT Session Token Works on Browsers with Example
    2. Make Login API Calls to Extract the Response Token Using Cypress
    3. How to Save the Login Tokens in Browser Local Storage Using Cypress
    4. Complete End-to-End Flow of Purchasing the Order with UI Script
    5. Where Cypress Downloads the Browser Files and How to Get Project Path Dynamically
    6. Parsing CSV Files into JavaScript Object Using Cypress Neat CSV Plugin
  18. Chapter 18 : Cypress DB Integration Testing Strategy
    1. Setting Up the SQL Server with Azure for Cypress Testing
    2. Cypress DB Plugin Integration for DB Testing
  19. Chapter 19 : Learn JavaScript Fundamentals from Scratch for Automation
    1. Learn Basic JavaScript for Automation Testing
  20. Chapter 20 : Course Wrap Up
    1. Thank You Note

Product information

  • Title: Cypress - Modern Automation Testing from Scratch + Framework
  • Author(s): Rahul Shetty
  • Release date: October 2022
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781839216480