Histograms, Herstograms, Yourstograms, and Mystograms

Another simple layout is the histogram, which simplifies creating bar charts when they're in a continuous series. We can also use it for binning a series of values so that we don't have to do as many gymnastics with Array.prototype.reduce and Array.prototype.map.

In this instance, we will create an ordinal scale of episodes and seasons and use that to create a histogram. In doing so, we're going to use a new dataset, which I've included in the data/ directory, GoT-deaths-by-season.json. This includes all the deaths in the show in the following format:

    {       "name": "Will",       "role": "Ranger of the Night's Watch",       "death": {         "season": 1,         "episode": 1       },  "execution": "Beheaded for desertion ...

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