Dad's Guide To Pregnancy For Dummies, 2nd Edition

Book description

Every father-to-be's handbook for knowing what to expect when expecting!

In today's world, men are more involved in their wives' pregnancies than ever before. This 2nd Edition of Dad's Guide to Pregnancy For Dummies gives new fathers a hands-on guide that covers all of the logistical, physical, and emotional aspects of pregnancy. It is a wealth of information on topics, such as setting up the nursery, childbirth 101, and how to take care of your newborn. The book includes ideas for knowing the right time to break the news and the pregnancy timeline. Once the baby arrives, this handbook gives you the low-down on what you can expect during the first six months, such as how to change diapers and feed the little one.

You'll also explore much more in-depth topics such as the new technology behind ultrasounds, and the information that is gleaned from them, the lowdown on vaccination updates, information to take the fear out of cesarean sections, tips on prenatal depression, new developments on infertility treatments, and so much more!

  • Helps to take the fear out of fatherhood with down-to-earth advice and information

  • Reveals how smoking leads to development problems and the possible dangers of e-cigarettes

  • Shows new dads a playbook for how they can help throughout the pregnancy and during the delivery

  • Offers practical tips for chronicling baby's life from ultrasound to year one

  • If you're going to be a new dad, this is a survival guide of what to expect as your bundle of joy is on the way is the complete, easy-to-read resource for preparing with your partner.

    Table of contents

      1. Introduction
        1. About This Book
        2. Foolish Assumptions
        3. Icons Used in This Book
        4. Beyond the Book
        5. Where to Go from Here
      2. Part I: You’re Going to Be a Dad (Yes, You)
        1. Chapter 1: Welcome to Dad Land
          1. The Glorious, Frightening, Mind-Boggling World of Fatherhood
            1. A father? Who, me?
            2. Reacting to a life-changing event
            3. Dealing with fatherhood fears
            4. Debunking six common myths
          2. Becoming a Modern Dad
            1. Changes in your personal life
            2. Changes in your professional life
            3. Lifestyle changes to consider
          3. Deciding to Take the Plunge (Or Not)
            1. Determining whether you’re ready
            2. Telling your partner you’re ready
            3. Telling your partner you’re not ready
            4. Being patient when one of you is ready (and the other isn’t)
            5. Dealing with an unexpected pregnancy
            6. Welcoming long-awaited pregnancies
          4. Peering into the Pregnancy Crystal Ball
            1. First trimester
            2. Second trimester
            3. Third trimester
        2. Chapter 2: Your Conception Primer
          1. Sperm, Meet Egg: Baby Making 101
            1. Producing a mature egg
            2. Sending in some good sperm
            3. Making the journey and attaching to the uterus
            4. Answering FAQs about getting pregnant
          2. Evaluating Health to Get Ready for Parenthood
            1. Discovering female health issues that affect conception
            2. Recognizing issues that cause fertility problems in men
            3. Assessing lifestyle choices that affect eggs and sperm
          3. Keeping Sex from Becoming a Chore
            1. Choosing the best time for conception
            2. Scheduling sex: The do’s and don’ts
          4. Taking a Brief yet Important Look at Infertility
            1. Knowing the facts about infertility
            2. Checking on potential problems when nothing’s happening
            3. Working through it when your partner needs treatment
            4. Exploring solutions when your sperm don’t stack up
            5. Examining new developments in infertility treatments
            6. Deciding how far to go to get pregnant
          5. Sharing Your Decision to Have a Baby
            1. Considering the pros and cons of spilling the beans
            2. Handling unsolicited advice about reproduction
      3. Part II: The Final Countdown: Nine Months (Or Less!) to Baby
        1. Chapter 3: Balancing Joy, Anxiety, and Nausea: The First Trimester
          1. Baby on Board: It’s Official!
            1. Reacting when your partner breaks the news
            2. Making the announcement to friends and family
            3. Overcoming your fears of being a father
          2. Early Prenatal Care: Kicking Off a Nine-Month-Long Relationship
            1. Finding a medical practitioner who works for both of you
            2. Attending the first (and longest) prenatal visit
            3. Going to the first ultrasound
          3. Baby’s Development duringthe First Trimester
            1. He may not look likemuch now, but . . .
            2. Amazing changes inweeks 7 to 12
          4. Dealing with Possible Complications in the First Trimester
            1. Miscarrying in early pregnancy
            2. Understanding ectopic pregnancy
            3. Coping with pregnancy loss
          5. Reducing Early Developmental Risks
            1. Smoking and development problems
            2. Drinking during pregnancy
            3. OTC and prescription drugs and their health risks
            4. Autism spectrum risks and prevention
          6. Common First Trimester Discomforts — Yours and Hers
            1. Helping your partner cope with early symptoms
            2. Getting used to strange new maternal habits
            3. Taking on your emerging support role
        2. Chapter 4: Growing into the Second Trimester
          1. Tracking Baby’s Development during the Second Trimester
            1. Growing and changing in months four and five
            2. Refining touches in the sixth month
          2. Checking Out Mom’s Development in the Second Trimester
            1. Gaining weight the right way
            2. Looking pregnant at last!
          3. Testing in the Second Trimester
            1. Preparing for the risks of tests and ultrasounds
            2. Understanding blood tests and amniocentesis
            3. Following up on the test results
            4. Scrutinizing ultrasounds
          4. Having Sex in the Second Trimester
            1. Maintaining a healthy sex life during pregnancy
            2. Addressing common myths and concerns
          5. Exploring Different Options for Childbirth Classes
          6. Dealing with Insurance (Or a Lack Thereof)
            1. Understanding your insurance
            2. Having a baby without insurance
        3. Chapter 5: Nesting, Registering, and Naming (Oh My!)
          1. A Guy’s Guide to “Nesting”
            1. Making the house spick-and-span — and then some
            2. Engaging in Pinterest preparedness
            3. Setting up the nursery
            4. Arranging the nursery for two or more
            5. Baby-proofing 101
          2. Understanding the Art of the Baby Registry
            1. Doing your homework ahead of time to get what you want
            2. Finding out what you need — and what you think you won’t need but can’t live without!
            3. Discovering five things you don’t have to have but will adore
            4. Checking out five things you don’t have to have and will never adore
          3. Surviving the Baby Shower
          4. Naming Your Baby
            1. Narrowing down your long list
            2. Reconciling father/mother differences of opinion
            3. Discussing choices withfriends and family
        4. Chapter 6: Preparing for What Could — But Probably Won’t — Go Wrong
          1. Managing Pregnancy-Related Medical Issues
            1. Hypertensive conditions in pregnancy
            2. Gestational diabetes
            3. Placenta previa
            4. Mandatory bed rest
          2. Handling Abnormal Ultrasounds
            1. Birth defects
            2. Fetal demise
          3. Preparing Yourself for Preterm Labor and Delivery
            1. Recognizing the risks of preterm delivery
            2. Handling feelings of guilt
            3. Navigating the NICU
            4. Knowing what to expect with a preemie
            5. Clarifying common problems
            6. Learning the ropes — er, wires
            7. Preparing for preemie setbacks
            8. Taking baby home
          4. Hi, Baby Baby Baby: Having Multiples
            1. Multiple identities: What multiples are and who has them
            2. Health risks for mom
            3. Risks for the babies
          5. Keeping Cool in Monetary Emergencies
            1. Checking out your insurance limits
            2. Covering the cost of unexpected medical expenses
        5. Chapter 7: Nearing the Finish Line: The Third Trimester
          1. Tracking Baby’s Development during the Third Trimester
            1. Adding pounds and maturing in the seventh and eighth months
            2. Getting everything in place in the ninth month
          2. Finding Out What Mom Goes Through in the Third Trimester
            1. Understanding your partner’s physical changes
            2. Heeding warning signs
            3. Bracing for your partner’s emotional changes
            4. Sympathizing with her desire to have this over, already
            5. Dealing with tears, panic, and doubts
          3. Guaranteeing a Smooth Admissions Process
          4. Picking a Pediatrician
          5. Whose Baby Is This, Anyway? Dealing with Overbearing Family Members
        6. Chapter 8: The Copilot’s Guide to Birthing Options
          1. Choosing Where to Deliver
            1. Delivering at a hospital
            2. Delivering at home with a midwife
            3. Delivering at a birthing center
          2. Making Sure Your Birth Practitioner Is a Good Fit
            1. Screening potential practitioners
            2. Working with a midwife
            3. Getting some additional help with a doula
          3. Looking at Labor Choices
            1. Going all natural or getting the epidural
            2. Taking it to the water
          4. Creating a Birth Plan
            1. Visualizing your ideal experience
            2. Drafting your plan
            3. Sharing your birth plan with the world
          5. Picking the Cast: Who’s Present, Who Visits, and Who Gets a Call
            1. Deciding who gets to attend the birth
            2. Planning ahead for visitors
            3. Planting a phone tree
      4. Part III: Whoa Baby! Labor, Delivery, and the First Days at Home
        1. Chapter 9: Wowing the Maternity Floor: How to Be the Best Labor and Delivery Partner
          1. When It’s Time, It’s Time — Is It Time?
            1. Avoiding numerous dry runs (yes, it’s us again)
            2. Knowing when it’s too late to head out
          2. Supporting Your Partner During Labor
            1. Figuring out what she needs from you
            2. Not taking the insults seriously
          3. Looking at What Happens During and After Labor
            1. First stage
            2. Second stage
            3. Wrapping things up after the birth
            4. Helping baby right after delivery
          4. Walking Through Common Labor Procedures
            1. Vaginal exams
            2. IVs
            3. Membrane ruptures
            4. Fetal monitoring
          5. Coping with Labor Pain
            1. Enduring it: Going unmedicated
            2. Dulling it: Sedation (no, not for you)
            3. Blocking it out: Epidurals
          6. Deviating from Your Birth Plan/Vision
          7. Having a Cesarean
            1. Scheduled C-section
            2. Unplanned Cesarean delivery
            3. What to expect before the operation
            4. What to expect during the surgery
            5. Getting past disappointment
        2. Chapter 10: Caring for Your Newborn
          1. Getting Your First Look at a Typical Newborn
            1. Examining your newborn
            2. Rating the reflexes
          2. Feeding a Newborn
            1. Breast-feeding basics
            2. Bottle-feeding basics
          3. Changing Diapers
            1. Cleaning baby boys
            2. Cleaning baby girls
          4. Bathing Your Squirming Bundle of Joy
          5. Holding Your Baby
          6. Co-sleeping Pros and Cons
          7. Back to Sleep: Helping Baby Sleep Safely and Comfortably
            1. Coping if baby hates being on his back
            2. Swaddling your little one
            3. Preventing the flat-head look
          8. Soothing Baby Indigestion
            1. Colic
            2. Gas
            3. Reflux
          9. Scheduling Immunizations
            1. Skipping some shots?
            2. Spreading them out
            3. Taking a stand on the vaccination debate
        3. Chapter 11: Supporting the New Mom
          1. Handling Housework during the Recovery Phase
            1. Getting the house in order
            2. Taking care of meals
            3. Calling in backup
          2. Supporting a Breast-Feeding Mom
            1. Making the decision to breast-feed
            2. Offering lactation support
            3. Including yourself in the process
          3. Dealing with Post-Cesarean Issues
            1. Helping with a normal recovery
            2. Knowing when to call the doctor
          4. Riding the Ups and Downs of Hormones
            1. Thinking before speaking in the sensitive postpartum period
            2. Shedding light on physical symptoms
            3. Getting through the “baby blues”
          5. Sleeping (Or Doing Without)
          6. Coping with Company
            1. Dealing with grabby grandmas
            2. Managing unsolicited advice
            3. Handling hurt feelings when you want to be alone
          7. Approaching Sex: It’s Like Riding a Bicycle
      5. Part IV: Under Pressure: How to Worry the Right Way about the Big Stuff
        1. Chapter 12: Dealing with Difficult Issues after Delivery
          1. Coping with Baby’s Serious Health Problems
            1. Congenital defects
            2. Developmental delays
            3. Illnesses
            4. SIDS
          2. Watching Out for Mom’s Postpartum Mood Disorders
            1. Taking a look at postpartum depression
            2. Acting fast to treat postpartum psychosis
          3. Managing Grief
            1. Going through the stages of grief
            2. Why, why, why? Getting past the question
            3. Grieving together and separately
            4. Determining when grief has gone on too long
          4. Talking to People about Your Child
            1. Telling others
            2. Handling insensitive remarks
        2. Chapter 13: Survival Tips for Bumps, Boo-Boos, and More
          1. Handling Inevitable Illnesses
            1. Dealing with common childhood diseases
            2. Staying alert for scarier diseases
          2. Protecting Baby from Common Accidents — and Handling Them When They Happen Anyway
            1. Taking care of baby after a fall
            2. Staying safe in the car
          3. Managing Medical Crises at Home
            1. Don’t panic! Don’t panic!
            2. Calling the doctor
          4. Open Wide, Baby! Administering Medicine
          5. Taking a Baby’s Temperature
            1. Choosing a thermometer
            2. Taking a rectal temperature
            3. Recognizing fevers
          6. Deciphering Diaper Contents
            1. Knowing what’s normal
            2. Checking out color changes
          7. Teething Symptoms and Remedies
          8. Reacting to Medicines and Vaccines
            1. Medications that cause reactions
            2. Vaccination reactions — yours and your baby’s
          9. Dealing with Food Allergies
            1. Introducing new foods
            2. Recognizing allergic reactions
            3. Preventing allergic reactions
        3. Chapter 14: Fun, Freedom, and Finances: The Cost of Having a Baby
          1. Creating a New Work/Life Balance with Baby
            1. Taking time off with paternity leave
            2. Managing sick time when you’re back at work
            3. Dealing with after-work expectations
            4. Reprioritizing your commitments
          2. Readjusting When — or if — Mom Goes Back to Work
            1. Making going back to work easier on mom
            2. Deciding to be a stay-at-home mom
            3. Helping mom adjust if she doesn’t go back to work
            4. Becoming a stay-at-home dad
          3. Exploring the Expected (And Unexpected) Costs of Baby
            1. Deciding what baby really needs
            2. Bracing yourself for the costs of must-have baby supplies
            3. Comparing childcare options and costs
          4. Managing Your Money
            1. Prioritizing your needs
            2. Determining where to cut costs
        4. Chapter 15: Ensuring a Bright Future for Your New Family
          1. Planning for a Financially Sound Future
            1. Prioritize your expenses
            2. Create (and stick to) a budget
            3. Pay down your debt
            4. Create an emergency fund
            5. Buy disability insurance
            6. Contribute to a retirement account
            7. Work with a financial advisor
            8. Mind your credit score
          2. Saving Money for Your Child’s Education
          3. Getting the Lowdown on Life Insurance
            1. Obtaining adequate life insurance for mom and dad
            2. Considering a policy for your baby
          4. Health Insurance Options for Newborns
            1. Adding baby to an existing work-paid plan
            2. Buying coverage just for baby
            3. Obtaining free and low-cost care for uninsured kids
          5. Taking Care of Legal Matters
            1. Creating a will
            2. Establishing power of attorney
      6. Part V: The Part of Tens
        1. Chapter 16: Ten Must-Do’s to Compensate for Not Having to Give Birth
          1. Say Nice Things
          2. Start a Baby Book
          3. Make Exercise Fun
          4. Listen . . . Don’t Try to Fix It
          5. Attend Prenatal Appointments
          6. Book a Mini-Vacation
          7. Register for a Prenatal Class
          8. Get Smart about Baby
          9. Master Prenatal Massage
          10. Keep the House Neat and Tidy
        2. Chapter 17: Ten Ways to Bond as a New Family
          1. Don’t Be Afraid . . . Be Awesome
          2. Trust Your Instincts
          3. Spend Time Skin-to-Skin, Eye-to-Eye
          4. Check Frustrations
          5. Embrace Your Goofy Side
          6. Steal Away for a Date Early On
          7. Teach Baby New Tricks
          8. Roughhouse the Safe Way
          9. Read Daily
          10. Say Goodbye to Mommy
      7. About the Authors
      8. Cheat Sheet
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