Chapter 16

Ten Must-Do’s to Compensate for Not Having to Give Birth

In This Chapter

arrow Showing your excitement about being a father

arrow Helping your partner with emotional and physical support

During the course of your partner’s pregnancy — and many months thereafter — she’ll expect myriad tasks, words of comfort, and loving gestures from you without her having to ask for what she wants. Sadly, you weren’t born with advanced psychic aptitude, and therefore you’ll have to infer a few must-do’s to keep peace around the house. Follow these ten simple tips to make sure your partner gets everything she needs.

Say Nice Things

Face it — you’ll never know what it’s like to give up your body so that someone else can grow inside of you. That said, it probably isn’t too hard to remember the last time you got a new haircut or lost 10 pounds and then waited around for someone to tell you how nice you looked.

Going fishing for compliments is never a fun or fruitful excursion, so try to spare your partner from going to that length. When her hormones and ever-increasing waistline are waging a full-fledged attack on her insecurities, remind her early and often exactly how beautiful she looks. And the best part is, you won’t have to lie. It may be hard to imagine finding your partner gorgeous when she’s ...

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