8Traceability of Actions in Crisis Management

8.1. Introduction

In the field of crisis management, experience feedback is not limited to a simple transcription in manuals or as general procedures, because it includes the context, conditions, observations and new information that influence how to behave in situations. In other words, an efficient experience feedback process must help to record every experience that led to the adoption of significant corrective actions regarding the decision-making behaviors. The practices of crisis management also incorporate new adapted behaviors for new problems every time, even if the context seems the same as the context of other cases.

In addition, we must organize and trace information using best practice, which can help in future situations and enrich the capital of experience feedback. The effect of context is not only important at the moment of crisis management, but also during debriefing in order to restitute the situation step by step. It helps to validate a new experience and learn from it. Several recent methods, systems and procedures proposed suffer from being too specific. These limits come from the non-consideration of random events and changing contexts. Then, we must take into account the evolution of the situation. Two more significant aspects to be considered are the time and space. In fact, crisis situations often involve human injuries which are worsening and may lead to death. So time is the cornerstone of emergency ...

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