Dart - An Intermediate Course

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Take your Dart programming skills to the next level

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  • Learn about classes, scope, packages, and how to work with the file system
  • Explore generic programming
  • Assignments and quizzes to test your knowledge

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Continue your journey into the Dart language. This course picks up where the Beginner course left off. In this course, you will learn classes, scope, packages, and how to work with the file system. We will also explore generic programming.

The programming part of the course uses the Dart 1 version. The true power of any programming language comes with code reuse and that’s when libraries come into the picture. The course starts with getting you familiar with how to import Dart libraries. As you dive deeper into the course, you get to learn fundamentals of class and related concepts such as constructors, ‘this’ keyword, public and private scope, getters and setters, and static members.

You will explore concepts such as inheritance, multiple inheritance (a.k.a. mixins), interfaces, and abstraction. The course gets your hands on using a generic class and managing file systems.

Each section in the course is accompanied by an assignment and quizzes to help you validate your learning and enhance your understanding of the topic being explained. It’s a good practice to solve the assignment questions first on your own and then verify your solutions with those given in the assignment videos


Developers looking to enhance their skills learning Dart programming. Beginner-level knowledge of Dart is required before taking this course.

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  • Title: Dart - An Intermediate Course
  • Author(s): Bryan Cairns
  • Release date: July 2018
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781789617801