Data Acquisition and Manipulation with Python

Video Description

Acquire and analyse data in different formats with the help of Python data analysis tools

About This Video

  • Enhance your knowledge as a data analyst by diving into the necessary tools for data acquisition and manipulation
  • Real-world, practical examples that help you wrap your head around the essential know-how for data management
  • Covers important concepts such as data wrangling and data aggregation

In Detail

Python, a multi-paradigm programming language, has become the language of choice for data scientists for data analysis, visualization, and machine learning.

In this course, you’ll start by learning how to acquire data from the web in its already “clean” format, such as in a .csv file, or a database. You’ll then learn to transform this data so it’s in its most useful format for analysis. After that, you’ll dive into data aggregation and grouping, where you’ll learn to group similar data for easier analysis purposes. From there, you’ll be shown different methods of web scraping using Python. Finally, you’ll learn to extract large amounts of data using BeautifulSoup, as well as work with Selenium and Scrapy.

Product Information

  • Title: Data Acquisition and Manipulation with Python
  • Author(s): Curtis Miller
  • Release date: September 2017
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781788291415