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Data and Process Resource Management: Resource and Business Cycles Module

Video Description

Hear legendary Michael Brackett talk about Resource and Business Cycles in this third module of the Data and Process Resource Management series. (Click here to see all of Brackett’s videos.)

Formal development and management of a combined Data / Processes Resource with a supporting Data / Processes Culture begins with the concept of a business environment and a business niche within that environment where an organization operates. Observation of the organization’s business niche drives a formal Data Resource Cycle and a formal Processes Resource Cycle, that leads to an interdependent Data / Processes Resource, that fully supports an organization’s business operations. Each cycle is managed according to a formal method that ensures the integrity and qualify of a Data / Processes Resource.

The Data Resource Cycle and the Processes Resource Cycle each has four states—a business niche state, a business state, a proper state, and an implement state—that begins with observation of the business niche and ends with operation in that business niche. Each cycle has four phases—a realize phase, a formalize phase, a customize phase, and a utilize phase—representing formal transitions between the states. Each cycle is guided by three laws, supported by 12 rules, that ensure formal transition through the states. Any violation of the formal cycles results in compromised integrity and quality of the Data / Processes Resource that adversely impacts an organization’s business.

The two cycles come together in their respective realize phases to provide the interdependent data resource and processes resource necessary for an organization to conduct its business. The Business Cycle consists of observation of an organization’s business niche to evaluate the business; the use of processes, and the storage and retrieval of data to support the business; and operation in the business niche.

The Data / Processes Resource Management series presents concepts, principles, and techniques, formal terms with denotative definitions, and the benefits of evolving to formal management of a combined data / processes resource. The series is beneficial for technical data and processes professionals, business professionals, and their respective managers.

Michael Brackett has in data management for over 50 years. During that time, he developed many innovative concepts, principles, and techniques for managing data as a critical resource of an organization. He published 12 technical books and over 50 technical articles on data management, and three speculative business fiction books on data management, processes management, and business architecture. He is a prominent speaker at local, national, and international conferences, and is considered a legend in data resource management. He has been a member of DAMA since 1985, and saw the establishment of DAMA National in 1986 and DAMA International in 1988. He was President of DAMA International 2000 through 2003, and established the DAMA International Foundation in 2004. He received DAMA International’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2006 for his pioneering work in data resource management.