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Data Mining with SPSS

Video Description

Master how to use SPSS for data mining in this five-part video series:

  • SPSS Essentials. This first clip in this video series introduces the IBM SPSS Statistics environment. Learn how SPSS can do complex analysis without the need to write code. Understand the functionality of the tool and get an overview to the various functions and screens.
  • SPSS Data Import and Frequency Statistics. This second clip in this video series shows how to import data into SPSS from various formats, create and label variables, and then run some basic calculations on the data set.
  • SPSS Descriptive Statistics. This third clip in this video series shows you how to use SPSS to do descriptive statistics.
  • SPSS Box Plot and Additional Tools. This fourth clip in this video series shows you how to use SPSS to perform additional descriptive statistics, master the Explore function, create the box plot, apply Z Score, and save your output from SPSS in different formats.
  • SPSS Correlations and Scatterplots. This fifth clip in this video series shows you how to compute new variables, and produce correlations and scatterplots.