Data Model Patterns (Recorded live at Data Modeling Zone US)

Video Description

Recorded live at Data Modeling Zone!

Follow along with data modeling expert and bestselling author Len Silverston and obtain numerous very useful patterns you can use during application design.

Practice applying the five patterns of Role, Contact, Status, Classification, and Hierarchy.

Having clear, consistent, enterprise-wide, and agreed upon business glossary, terms and models can have a huge effect in improving productivity, facilitating more effective communications, decreasing costs of systems development and maintenance, increasing data quality, and enhancing systems integration. Yet, so many organizations struggle to develop a commonly accepted vocabulary of business terms and models.

This presentation provides tools and techniques to jump-start development of a business glossaries as well as associated data models using ‘universal’ constructs. We will discuss case studies of organizations that successfully used these tools and developed a common business glossary as well as agreed upon models. In this information, fun, and interactive seminar, you will learn:
  • The greatest challenges regarding developing a Universal business glossary and common models from decades of past experiences
  • How to jump-start development of a business glossary saving huge costs and time
  • 15 important guidelines for developing definitions within the business glossary or for use in developing data model definitions
  • ‘Universal’ data constructs/models for business functions and how this relates to glossaries and business data models

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  1. Data Model Patterns 1:26:53

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  • Title: Data Model Patterns (Recorded live at Data Modeling Zone US)
  • Author(s): Len Silverston
  • Release date: January 2020
  • Publisher(s): Technics Publications
  • ISBN: None