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Data Model Storytelling

Video Description

Recorded live at Data Modeling Zone!

The problem with a lot of data models is that they tell us too much about not enough. They tell us things we don’t really need to know (yet) about how data will be instantiated, and not enough about the business problems the data is being designed to solve. Every data modeler knows how to create models that describe the structure of data and the relationships between data objects. All too few data modelers know how to use data models to surface business requirements, drive conversations around business processes, achieve consensus on solutions and enlist the support of stakeholders. This is the true value of data modeling!

In this session, we will introduce the concept of “data model storytelling” and Human-Centered Design (HCD); that is, using data models to draw stakeholders together in a journey of discovery about business value. Topics for discussion will include:
  • What do stakeholders need out of a data model?
  • How do different stakeholders interact differently with data models?
  • What approaches to data modeling work best for different stakeholders with different needs?
  • What are the end goals, or “takeaways” of a data model?
  • How can we use data models to drive discussions, surface requirements, capture assumptions, achieve consensus and engage stakeholders?

Table of Contents

  1. Data Model Storytelling 00:58:50