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J. Reinders et al.Data Parallel C++https://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-5574-2_11

11. Vectors

James Reinders1 , Ben Ashbaugh2, James Brodman3, Michael Kinsner4, John Pennycook5 and Xinmin Tian6
Beaverton, OR, USA
Folsom, CA, USA
Marlborough, MA, USA
Halifax, NS, Canada
San Jose, CA, USA
Fremont, CA, USA


Vectors are collections of data. These can be useful because parallelism in our computers comes from collections of compute hardware, and data is often processed in related groupings (e.g., the color channels in an RGB pixel). Sound like a marriage made in heaven? It is so important, we’ll spend a chapter discussing ...

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