Chapter 14

Transposing One- and Multiple-Rows-per-Subject Data Structures


14.1 Introduction

14.2 Transposing from a Multiple-Rows-per-Subject Data Set to a One-Row-per-Subject Data Set

14.3 Transposing from a One-Row-per-Subject Data Set to a Multiple-Rows-per-Subject Data Set

14.4 Transposing a Transactional Table with Categorical Entries

14.5 Creating Key-Value Tables


14.1  Introduction

Changing the data structure of data sets is a significant and common task in preparing data sets. In this book, we call this transposing of data sets. The structure of data sets might need to be changed due to different data structure requirements of certain analyses, and data might need to be transposed in order to allow a join of different data sets ...

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