Chapter 8

The One-Row-per-Subject Data Mart


8.1 Introduction

8.2 The One-Row-per-Subject Paradigm

8.3 The Technical Point of View

8.4 The Business Point of View:  Transposing or Aggregating Original Data

8.5 Hierarchies: Aggregating Up and Copying Down

8.6 Conclusion

8.1  Introduction

In this chapter we will concentrate on the one-row-per-subject data mart. This type of data mart is frequently found in classic statistical analysis. The majority of data mining marts are of this structure. In this chapter, we will work out general properties, prerequisites, and tasks of creating a one-row-per-subject data mart. In Chapters 1820 we will show how this type of data mart can be filled from various data sources.

8.2 The One-Row-per-Subject Paradigm ...

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