© K. Mohaideen Abdul Kadhar and G. Anand 2021
K. M. Abdul Kadhar, G. AnandData Science with Raspberry Pihttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-6825-4_6

6. Visualizing the Data

K. Mohaideen Abdul Kadhar1   and G. Anand1
Pollachi, Tamil Nadu, India

In the previous chapter, we discussed a number of steps involved in preparing the data for analysis. Before analyzing the data, it is imperative to get to know the nature of data we are dealing with. Visualizing the data may give us some useful insights about the nature of data. These insights, such as patterns in the data, distribution of the data, outliers present in the data, etc., can prove to be handy in determining the methodology to be used for analyzing the data. In addition, visualization can be ...

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