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Data Storage Networking: Real World Skills for the CompTIA Storage+ Certification and Beyond

Book Description

Learn efficient ways to harness and manage your data storage networks

Whether you're preparing for the CompTIA Storage+ exam or simply seeking a deeper understanding of data storage networks, this Sybex guide will help you get there. This book covers data storage from the basics to advanced topics, and provides practical examples to show you ways to deliver world-class solutions. In addition, it covers all the objectives of the CompTIA Storage+ exam (SG0-001), including storage components, connectivity, storage management, data protection, and storage performance.

  • Focuses on designing, implementing, and administering storage for today's evolving organizations, getting under the hood of the technologies that enable performance, resiliency, availability, recoverability, and simplicity

  • Covers virtualization, big data, cloud storage, security, and scalability as well as how storage fits in to the wider technology environments prevalent in today's cloud era

  • Provides advice and real-world examples that storage administrators in the trenches can actually use

  • An excellent study aid for the CompTIA Storage+ exam (SG0-001), covering all the exam objectives

  • Data Storage Networking: Real World Skills for the CompTIA Storage+ Certification and Beyond provides a solid foundation for data storage administrators and a reference that can be consulted again and again.

    Table of Contents

    1. Cover Page
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright
    4. Dear Reader
    5. Dedication
    6. Acknowledgments
    7. About the Author
    8. Contents
    9. Foreword
    10. Introduction
    11. Chapter 1: Storage Primer
      1. The Importance of Information Technology
      2. The Role of Storage in IT
      3. Chapter Essentials
    12. Chapter 2: Storage Devices
      1. Storage from 40,000 Feet
      2. The Mechanical Disk Drive
      3. Solid-State Media
      4. Hybrid Drives
      5. Tape
      6. Further Storage Considerations
      7. Summary
      8. Chapter Essentials
    13. Chapter 3: Storage Arrays
      1. Storage Arrays—Setting the Scene
      2. The Anatomy of a Storage Array
      3. Storage Array Intelligence
      4. Chapter Essentials
      5. Summary
    14. Chapter 4: RAID: Keeping Your Data Safe
      1. The History and Reason for RAID
      2. What Is RAID?
      3. Hardware or Software RAID
      4. RAID Concepts
      5. RAID Levels
      6. The Future of RAID
      7. Chapter Essentials
      8. Summary
    15. Chapter 5: Fibre Channel SAN
      1. What Is an FC SAN?
      2. Why FC SAN?
      3. FC SAN Components
      4. SAN Topologies
      5. FC SAN Troubleshooting
      6. Chapter Essentials
      7. Summary
    16. Chapter 6: iSCSI SAN
      1. iSCSI from 40,000 Feet
      2. Initiators and Targets
      3. IP Network Considerations
      4. iSCSI Names
      5. Device Discovery
      6. iSCSI Sessions
      7. iSNS
      8. Security
      9. iSCSI Gateways
      10. Chapter Essentials
      11. Summary
    17. Chapter 7: Files, NAS, and Objects
      1. What Files, NAS, and Objects Are
      2. Network-Attached Storage
      3. Object Storage
      4. Chapter Essentials
      5. Summary
    18. Chapter 8: Replication Technologies
      1. Business Continuity
      2. Replication
      3. Local Snapshots
      4. Summary
      5. Chapter Essentials
    19. Chapter 9: Storage Virtualization
      1. What Storage Virtualization Is
      2. The SNIA Shared Storage Model
      3. Why Storage Virtualization?
      4. Controller-Based Virtualization
      5. Software-Defined Storage
      6. Chapter Essentials
      7. Summary
    20. Chapter 10: Capacity Optimization Technologies
      1. Capacity Optimization Technologies Overview
      2. Thin Provisioning
      3. Compression
      4. Deduplication
      5. Auto-Tiering
      6. Summary
      7. Chapter Essentials
    21. Chapter 11: Backup and Recovery
      1. Why We Back Up
      2. It's All about Recovery
      3. Backup Architecture
      4. Backup Methods
      5. Backup Types
      6. Backup Targets and Devices
      7. Backup Retention Policies
      8. Archiving
      9. Summary
      10. Chapter Essentials
    22. Chapter 12: Storage Management
      1. Capacity Management
      2. Performance Management
      3. Alerting
      4. Storage Resource Management Applications
      5. Management Protocols and Interfaces
      6. Summary
      7. Chapter Essentials
    23. Chapter 13: The Wider Data Center Neighborhood
      1. Data Center Design
      2. Data Center Overview
      3. Data Center Cabling
      4. Working in the Data Center
      5. Summary
      6. Chapter Essentials
    24. Chapter 14: Converged Networking
      1. A Tale of Two Networks
      2. Single Converged Data Center Network
      3. Summary
      4. Chapter Essentials
    25. Chapter 15: Cloud Storage
      1. The Cloud Overview
      2. Storage and the Cloud
      3. Summary
      4. Chapter Essentials
    26. Appendix A: The CompTIA Storage+ Exam
    27. Appendix B: About the Additional Study Tools
    28. Glossary