Chapter 12

Sorting and Selection



12.1 Merge-Sort

We have introduced several sorting algorithms thus far, including insertion-sort (see Sections 3.1.2, 7.6, and 9.4.1); selection-sort (see Section 9.4.1); bubble-sort (see Exercise C-7.51); and heap-sort (see Section 9.4.2). In this chapter, we will present four other sorting algorithms, called merge-sort, quick-sort, bucket-sort, and radix-sort, and then discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the various algorithms in Section 12.4.

12.1.1 Divide-and-Conquer

The first two algorithms we describe in this chapter, merge-sort and quick-sort, use recursion in an algorithmic design pattern called divide-and-conquer. We have already ...

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