Appendix C. Answers to Questions


Chapter 1, “Overview”

Chapter 2, “Arrays”

Chapter 3, “Simple Sorting”

Chapter 4, “Stacks and Queues”

Chapter 5, “Linked Lists”

Chapter 6, “Recursion”

Chapter 7, “Advanced Sorting”

Chapter 8, “Binary Trees”

Chapter 9, “2-3-4 Trees and External Storage”

Chapter 10, “AVL and Red-Black Trees”

Chapter 11, “Hash Tables”

Chapter 12, “Spatial Data Structures”

Chapter 13, “Heaps”

Chapter 14, “Graphs”

Chapter 15, “Weighted Graphs”

Chapter 1, “Overview”

1. insert, search, delete, traverse

2. c

3. If it is indented below a class definition with no intervening definition at the outer (unindented) level.

4. sorting

5. Constructors are functions that build an instance of an object class. Python ...

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