Data Vault Basics

Video Description

Recorded live at Data Modeling Zone!

As we move more and more towards the need for everyone to do Agile Data Warehousing, we need a data modeling method that can be agile with us. Data Vault Data Modeling is an agile data modeling technique for designing highly flexible, scalable, and adaptable data structures for enterprise data warehouse repositories. It is a hybrid approach using the best of 3NF and dimensional modeling. It is not a replacement for star schema data marts (and should not be used as such). This approach has been used in projects around the world (Europe, Australia, USA) for over 10 years but is still not widely known or understood. The purpose of this presentation is to provide attendees with an introduction to the components of the Data Vault Data Model, what they are for and how to build them. The examples will give attendees the basics:
  • What the basic components of a DV model are
  • How to build, and design structures incrementally, without constant refactoring

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Product Information

  • Title: Data Vault Basics
  • Author(s): Kent Graziano
  • Release date: January 2019
  • Publisher(s): Technics Publications
  • ISBN: 9781634624725