Data Visualization Using Tableau

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Tableau is one of the most powerful, easy use and widely accepted data analysis and visualization tools that do not provide handy data explanatory analysis capabilities but also provides a developer-friendly drag and drop interface to easily visualize your key findings.

This course explains right from the scratch, starting from downloading and installing your own copy of Tableau Desktop to developing, formatting and publishing your dashboard to Tableau Public.
In this course, we will walk together from the start point till the end, by understanding each concept till its roots, starting from connecting your data source then manipulating the same to achieve the desired results. Later, we will bring forward the data-driven Insights and understanding key Tableau concepts & Calculations. Finally, we will be creating a dashboard, to sum up, all.

Upon finishing this course, you'll be a highly proficient Tableau user. You will not only learn how tableau works but also you will be able to understand “Why it works the way it works”.

You’ll be able to use your skills as a data analyst to extract relevant insights out of data by analysing & visualizing the same into useful KPI’s and presentable Tableau Dashboards.

Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1: Getting Started with Tableau
    1. Course Overview
    2. The Power of Data Visualization
    3. Setting up Tableau Desktop
    4. Setting up Your First Data Source
    5. The Tableau Interface
    6. Creating Your First Visualization
  2. Chapter 2: Handling Data in Tableau
    1. Creating and Managing Extracts
    2. Governing Metadata
    3. Implementing Joins and Union
    4. Data Blending
    5. Relationships in Tableau
  3. Chapter 3: Built in Visuals and Beyond Show Me
    1. Implementation Using Show Me – Part 1 – Bar Charts
    2. Implementation Using Show Me – Part 2 – Line Charts
    3. Implementation Using Show Me – Part 3 – Combined Charts
    4. Implementation Using Show Me – Part 4 – Heat and Tree Maps
    5. Implementation Using Show Me – Part 5 – Visualizing Geographical Data
    6. Building and Understanding Hierarchies
    7. Beyond Show Me – Thermometer Charts
    8. Beyond Show Me – Bump Charts
    9. Beyond Show Me – Barbell or Dumbell Charts
    10. Beyond Show Me – Sparkline Charts
  4. Chapter 4: Data Analytics in Tableau
    1. Trend Lines
    2. Reference Lines
    3. Clustering
    4. Forecasting
  5. Chapter 5: Visual Analytics in Tableau
    1. Filtering Your Data in Tableau
    2. Sorting Your Data in Tableau
    3. The Formatting Pane
    4. Creating Sets in Tableau
    5. Creating Groups in Tableau
    6. Parameters in Tableau
  6. Chapter 6: Mastering Calculations in Tableau
    1. Understanding Build in Functions – Part 1
    2. Understanding Build in Functions – Part 2
    3. Understanding Build in Functions – Part 3
    4. Implementing Table Calculations
    5. Level of Details Expressions – Fixed
    6. Level of Details Expressions – Include
    7. Level of Details Expressions – Exclude
  7. Chapter 7: Create Your Own Dashboard
    1. Getting Started with Dashboards
    2. Dashboard Objects
    3. Create Your Own Dashboard
    4. Formatting a Dashboard
    5. Dashboard Actions in Tableau

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  • Title: Data Visualization Using Tableau
  • Author(s): Avdhesh Gaur
  • Release date: March 2021
  • Publisher(s): EC-Council
  • ISBN: None