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Data Visualization, Volume II

Book Description

This book discusses data and information visualization techniques-the decision-making tools with applications in health care, finance, manufacturing engineering, process improvement, product design, and others. These tools are an excellent means of viewing the current state of the process and improving them. The initial chapters discuss data analysis, the current trends in visualization, the concepts of systems and processes from which data are collected. The second part is devoted to quality tools-a set of graphical and information visualization tools in data analysis, decision-making, and Lean Six-Sigma quality. The eight basic tools of quality discussed are the Process Maps, Check Sheets, Histograms, Scatter Diagrams, Run Charts, Control Charts, Cause-and-Effect Diagrams, and Pareto Charts. The new quality tools presented are the Affinity, Tree, and Matrix Diagrams, Interrelationship Digraph, Prioritizing Matrices, Process Decision Program Chart, and Activity Network Diagram along with Quality Function Deployment (QFD) and Multivari Charts.