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Data Warehouse Implementation with the Corporate Information Factory (CIF)

Video Description

The Corporate Information Factory (CIF) is the robust architecture behind the data warehouse. Hear legendary Bill Inmon fully explain the CIF including its benefits and fit within the enterprise. He covers every component of the CIF including Legacy Applications, Staging Area, Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL), Data Warehouse, Data Marts, Data Warehouse Monitor, Exploration Warehouse, Big Data Analysis Environment, Archival Environment, Operational Data Store (ODS), Changed Data Capture (CDC), and Operational Backups. He explains Conformed Dimensions including the problems they solve. He covers how the Corporate Information Factory supports Drill Down Processing. He discusses the essential functional components of the architecture, as well as the importance of data warehouse iterative development including avoiding the “big bang” approach and ensuring that each piece adds immediate value. In addition, he presents on data ownership and data stewardship differentiating rights from responsibilities.