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Data Warehousing

Video Description

This video will show you how to build and maintain a data warehouse. The data warehouse is the single version of the truth. Learn about the different types of data warehouses such as geographically distributed data warehouses, exploration data warehouses, and global data warehouses. We reveal the critical success factors necessary for a data warehouse. We explore how to build a robust architecture including staging areas, system of records, data marts, data warehouse monitors, and the resource governor. We discuss data warehouse project management including milestones and methodology. We explore how to handle non-traditional data in a warehouse, such as documents, profile records, and dormant data. We cover how data warehousing relates to other enterprise initiatives such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Operational Data Stores (ODS), and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). We go through many examples, including a train company, steel company, and communications company. We discuss the various types of users of the data warehouse, including Farmers, Miners, Explorers, and Tourists.